101 Great Science Experiments

by Neil Ardley

Hardcover, 2000





DK CHILDREN (2000), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 120 pages


Describes 101 science experiments or activities that can be done with household items and easily found ingredients.

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120 p.; 8.39 x 0.54 inches


0789449218 / 9780789449214



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LibraryThing member chilirlw
I use this book a lot with my kids. The experiments are interesting and easy to do with common household materials. The pictoral step-by-step presentation of the experiments is helpful, as is the organization of the book, which makes it easy to find experiments on a given subject. I only wish it were longer!
LibraryThing member hughtr01
This is about the science experiments designed for children who are in higher elementary grade levels. In this book are 101 hands-on science experiments. After some of the experiments, real life examples are used to relate to the experiment. There are several different categories such as air and gases, water and liquids, hot and cold, light, color, growth senses, sound and music, magnets, electricity, and motion and machines.… (more)
LibraryThing member jbarr5
101 Great Science Experiments Paperback by Neil Ardley
Lots of categories to choose from. my favorite would be colors.
Looking through the book there are bound to be ones we can make right away. Otherwise we will find one that we like and make a list of things to buy at the store.
Water displacement was a fun one to do using marbles just gotten at Christmas.
I think I will also get the nature experiments as well..
… (more)




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