Cam Jansen #2: The Mystery of the U.F.O.

by David A Adler

Paperback, 1992



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Scholastic (1992), Paperback, 58 pages


Ten-year-old Cam, possessor of a photographic memory, and her friend Eric investigate what seems to be a brief appearance of U.F.O.s.


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58 p.; 6 inches

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LibraryThing member kaitlinc23
This book is an example of an early childhood chapter book and realistic fiction. It has events that could happen, it is a mystery about two young kids who solve the mystery of the suspicious UFO in their town.

Level- Primary
LibraryThing member Ethan.Burr
This story is talking about a girl with photographic memory named Jennifer
Jasen and her friend Eric Shelton.Since Jennifer has photographic memory,
her nickname is Cam. This day, Cam and Eric are rescuing a kitten from a
tree branch. They name it Neptune. At the same time, they saw U.F.O
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dancing around the street. Cam and Eric rushed to solve the mystery. Will
they be able to solve it?Read more to find out!
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LibraryThing member ZoeErin
Its a good book i would recommend it.
LibraryThing member nmhale
Cam and her friend Eddie are in search of pictures for Eddie's photograph contest, and are in the right place at the right time to see mysterious floating lights in the sky. They join a crowd of excited people who think they are witnessing a UFO encounter, but Cam is not convinced. She persuades
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Eddie to head to the park where the lights originated, and they do a little sleuthing. Her photographic memory and his camera are useful tools, and they even use the help of the kitten Cam saved from a tree. The trio find evidence: a pile of kicked-off clothing, aluminum foil, flashlights. What is the mystery of the UFO lights?

The book is a beginning reader chapter book, with the requisite short chapters and restricted vocabulary. Stories for this reading level need to be simple enough that the emergent readers can finish them, but still be fun and entertaining and complete. Cam Jansen fulfills all the requirements. The story is interesting, the characters are rounded, and the ending is satisfying. Not only that, this is a mystery series for children, and the author does a good job of creating a puzzle that is intriguing but not too difficult for the young audience. Cam and Eddie are lovable children who I would happily read more about. They are not that complex, but I know this is a series, so I'm sure we learn much more about them over time. The book has the charm of childhood and light humor, and offers enough enticements to draw in the new reader. I enjoyed it, and I think my girls will, too, when they are older.
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LibraryThing member Yona
I must recommend these and see how well they're received. I read two of them (and will copy this to the other) and I thought the concept of the main character in a children's mystery having a photographic memory was very cool. And Cam was a great character too. The writing seemed to instill
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excitement and a sense of such activity that made the story fun.
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LibraryThing member mariahpolen
I am a fan of this series, but not my favorite book in the series. But I love the girl character, Cam Jensen. She is adventurous, and the book is full of suspense. I am happy to find a series centered around a happy little girl. I recommend this for earlier readers.
LibraryThing member AyannaMagee
This is a story about a girl and her friend who want to win a photography contest and end up getting a picture of a UFO. This book is fun because of her gift to track down and solve thrilling and puzzling mysteries.
LibraryThing member AMaffett
This book would be great for characteristics and character traits. She shows so many during this book and I think the students would really enjoy getting to see all the different traits she shows.
LibraryThing member Kate_Schulte078
This book teaches children to investigate to find out what really happened, this could be good for a research project or for writing. I think students will like this book because they will want to know what the UFO is.
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Fifth-grade sleuth Cam (Jennifer) Jansen and her best friend, Eric Shelton, return in this second beginning chapter-book mystery, this time confronting some mysterious lights over their local park. As everyone around them becomes convinced that it must be UFOs, Cam drags Eric into the park to
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investigate, and they discover that it is all a prank being played by a young man who is determined to win a photography contest. Fortunately, Cam and Eric are there to foil the plot, and all ends well...

At a slight 58 pages, Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the U.F.O. is a book intended for young people who have graduated from leveled beginning readers and are just getting going with longer chapter-books. Although the two main characters are in fifth grade, I recall reading this series at a younger age, in the third grade or so. Children tend to like to read about characters who are slightly older than they are, I find. This one was originally published in 1980, and there are elements of the story - particularly the almost complete freedom the two main characters are given by their parents - that I think would be unlikely in today's world. Leaving that aside, this is a fun story, and although I thought the narrative developments were anything but surprising, during this adult reread, I recall finding it quite suspenseful as a girl. Recommended to beginning chapter-book readers who enjoy mystery stories.
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