Geronimo Stilton Serie # 4: I'm Too Fond of My Fur!

by Geronimo Stilton

Paperback, 2004



Call number

PB Sti

Call number

PB Sti

Local notes

PB Sti (c.1)


Scholastic (2004), Paperback, 128 pages


Geronimo follows clues in a diary all the way to Mouse Everest in search of his old friend Professor von Volt who has mysteriously disappeared.


Physical description

128 p.; 7.58 inches





User reviews

LibraryThing member 2017rszabad
Geronimo Stilton is a clumsy, scardy cat, seasick, hates adventures but always gets into one, funny,
Trap loves to eat, annoy Geronimo, cook, play tricks on Geronimo, scaring Geronimo. Thea likes to travel with her family she is smart nice and kind.
Setting:In the office at home on the streets in the montains
Conflict: Geronimo and Geronimo's family does not have a good story to write in the news so they go to a adventure where someone gets lost and Geronimo the one that got lost saw the yeti in the montains but the yeti does not want to be heard so they decide not to write about it.
… (more)
LibraryThing member gvandevel
In this book Geronimo goes to Antarctica because Professor Von Volt found out another "brilliant" invention. Then he gets picked up by a huge fury monster. Is that the "invention."
LibraryThing member chasegraham
this is a great book for fun reading
LibraryThing member ToxicMasquerade
This one is probably my favorite. There are Yetis and a Woolly Mammoth. Geronimo gets a call from a friend who needs his help. Says he found the Yeti. Geronimo is under the impression that he is in trouble and Geronimo goes to rescue him. When he finds his friend, he finds out that he is just trying to save the Yeti cub from dying. After Geronimo helps the cub, he finds a Woolly Mammoth frozen in ice and decides to write a story on that. When they get back home, the press is surrounding them for pictures. The museum defrosts the Mammoth and puts him on display for everyone.… (more)
LibraryThing member mirimac
It is really funny.

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