Magic Tree House #14: Day Of The Dragon-King

by Mary Pope Osborne

Paperback, 1998







Random House Books for Young Readers (1998), Edition: First Printing, Paperback, 68 pages


The magic treehouse takes Jack and Annie back two thousand years to ancient China where they must find the original copy of an old legend before the Imperial Library is burned down by the evil Dragon King.

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68 p.; 7.5 inches

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LibraryThing member parkerthompson
Summary: Jack and Annie travel back to Ancient China and come face to face with the "Dragon King" who ironically is afarid of books.

Personal Reaction:
I enjoy all the Magic Treehouse books, I have not found a Magic Treehouse book yet that I didn't enjoy and even sometimes learn from! I love the
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way they can be used to enrich almost any subject!

Classroom Extention:
Use craft sticks to make Bamboo Books
Litature Circle
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LibraryThing member jsanfi1
I find this to be a really engaging story. I love how the author incorporates real facts in the story, along with the fictional story-line. For example, I like how the author uses the character of the Dragon King. She states how he was as a ruler, letting children see how different China was in the
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past. I also like how she incorporated the building of the Great Wall. This is interesting for children to see when it first started to come around and why. I also enjoy the plot of the story. For instance, I find it great that the author chose to have the children go back in time to save a book. This makes the book a great influence on young children. This shows them the importance of literature and it teaches them to value it. Overall the main message of this story is to push readers to think about a different time period. It teaches readers to value literature, as well as have them learn a bit about history.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Once again "Morgan Le Fay" risks Jack and Annie's lives to save a story for Camelot. They go to ancient China to save a book while they're all being burned. Naturally they're nearly killed and have to hide in a tomb filled with thousands of soldier statues. The silk thread they've been given saves
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them when it shows them a path out (which of course relates to the story that they've saved and they've asked to save them). In the end they of course escape and are back in PA. Oh yeah, Annie looks like she has bags under her eyes in all the illustrations in this one.
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LibraryThing member tomokoikeya
It was very interesting book because this book is one of the series of MAGIC TREE HOUSE, and the contents of this series are related. I like this book. I want everyone to see this book.
LibraryThing member JulieHirons
Day of the Dragon King, a fascinating book for young minds, is written by Mary Pope Osborne. Have you ever dreamed of going back in time to see what life would have been like? Well, for two young adventurers, they get this chance. Siblings, Jack and Annie are sent back in time to China to retrieve
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a bamboo book for Morgan.
They encounter the first Emperor of China. He is known as the Dragon King because of his bold strength and power. He is the architect of the Great Wall of China, which is created to protect his subjects. But the Emperor also has a problem too. He is afraid of books and knowledge and decides to burn all of the bamboo books in the city.
Jack, Annie and their accomplise, a scholar, go to the Imperial Library to find the book and stop the book burning. Danger surrounds Jack and Annie as they barely escape the Dragon King and his soldiers. They have finally obtained the bamboo book for Morgan.
They flee into the burial grounds where they find the nearly 7,000 clay soldiers which will protect the Dragon King in death. Using their wit, the children escape the burial grounds by using a ball of silk to help find the way through the maze .
They finally return to the magic tree house to safely make their way home. Their adventure is through when they return home and Morgan receives the bamboo book entitled "The Silk Weaver and the Cowherd". Jack and Annie are instructed of the importance of the story and the children look forward to the next adventure in Ireland and meeting the ancient Vikings.
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LibraryThing member alexandrose
Annie and his brother Jack got a mission, and they had to go to Hawaii and they met a boy called Boka and a girl called Kama. On the next day they went surfing but at the end Jack didn't go because he was scared. He felt an earthquake and he read that often after earthquakes there are tsunamis. And
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because of Jack his sister Annie, friend Boka and Kama.
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LibraryThing member cduke3
The "Magic Tree House Day of the Dragon King," by Mary Pope Osborne is a wonderful chapter book. What I like most about this series, and this book in particular, is the plot of the story. The brother and sister team travel around the world, and through time, to save important books. It is a clever
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way to expose children to history, as well as other cultures. In this book, the children go back to Imperial China to save a bamboo scroll from the Dragon Emperor. Secondly, the writing is done really well. It is fast and concise, but still challenging for younger audiences. For example, when the children enter the Emperor's tomb they find his hundreds of clay soldiers, Osborne writes "There were even life-size wooden chariots with horses. The horses looked completely real. They were different colors with white teeth and red tongues." The sentences were short and simple, but got the message across. Another aspect of Osborne's writing that I enjoyed was the amount of dialogue. I feel like most of the book was written in dialogue. This made the story flow and the conversations were relatable. The main idea of this book, as well as all "Magic Tree House" books is to inspire a love for literature and reading.
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LibraryThing member Kesterbird
These books are a lot better if you know nothing about the actual subject.
LibraryThing member NMiller22
The magic treehouse takes Jack and Annie back 2000 years to ancient China, where they must find the original copy of an old legend before the Imperial Library is burned down by the evil Dragon King. Book #14

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