Magic Tree House - Research Guide #6: Space

by Will Osborne

Paperback, 2002






Scholastic Inc. (2002), Paperback, 141 pages


Jack and Annie present information about the universe, including our solar system, and briefly describe the history of space travel and of the science of astronomy.


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141 p.; 7.4 inches

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LibraryThing member mmandecka
Age appropriatness: primary to intermediate
This book is a good example of an informational book because supplies all sorts of facts about the solar system and our space.
The media in this book is pencil.
LibraryThing member cmstottlemyer
content summary: space, astronomy, solar system, astronomers
LibraryThing member djd016
Space is a research guide that provides factual information brought up in Midnight on the Moon. This research guide can be paired with the Magic Tree House book Midnight on the Moon. The research guide can also answer many questions students may have about space after reading Midnight on the Moon
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or can be a reading material for those who show curiosity about space. Information included in this research guide is astronomy, stars, plants, space travel, and life on other planets. The research guide also provides many other sources about space such as websites, cd’s, other text, and museums.
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LibraryThing member Tvickrey
These Factfinder books are great as an accompaniment to Magic Tree House books or alone as an exciting book about space and common questions about this topic. It's great for a variety of ages because it simplifies the answers and boils things down to a basic understanding of concepts.
LibraryThing member awalls4
I liked this book for many reason! First, I liked the book because it is a Magic Tree House book and growing up I always enjoyed reading these books. The second reason I liked this book was because of the text features. There are many images, definitions, extra text boxes, and extra information
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found throughout the chapter book. For example, in the back of the book there is a category to inform the reader on how to do more research on the topic of space. The book provides the reader with options to use books, museums and planetariums, videos, CD-roms, and the Internet. I think this a great source for the reader. The reader can take the information that they just learned and further expand their knowledge on the topic by completing their own research. I think the central idea of the book is to provide information for the reader on space and its different facts and aspects.
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LibraryThing member midkid88
It lays information out well for early readers. It does need to be updated.

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