Magic Tree House - Research Guide # 2: Knights And Castles

by Mary Pope Osborne

Hardcover, 2000



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PB Osb


Random House Books for Young Readers (2000), Paperback, 128 pages


Jack and Annie look at knights, armor, and life in a castle.

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128 p.; 7.62 inches


0613261011 / 9780613261012



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1. Main characters
Knights and Castles

2. Write the summary of the book.

The Middle Ages began about 450 A.D. They lasted over 1,000 years. The Middle Ages were a time of war and fighting. During the Middle Ages, nearly all the land in Europe belonged to kings. Each King's land was called kingdom.
Castles were important part of the feudal system. They were built to protect lords and their land from enemy attackers. When a stone catle was complete, it was very hard for an enemy to get inside.
The Age of Castles lasted nearly 500 years. Eventually, though, people stopped waiting to live in castles. As time went by, new weapons were invented. The most powerful of these weapons were the cannon. Cannons could fire heavy stone or iron balls against castle walls with great force. Even the strongest castles could not stand up against cannon fire for long.

3. Write your feelings about the book in details.

The lord and lady slept in a big bed in the master bedroom of the catle. The bed was very fancy with curtains all around it. When the lord visited other castles, he often took his bed and bathtub with him!(see p 48)

It's so strange to bring them to the other places.

4. Write the words, phrases or sentences that impressed you most in the book and explain why they impressed you. Or you could write your questions about the book in details.

Noble marriages were often arrange by couple's parents. Sometimes bride and groom didn't even meet each other until the wedding day!(see p 41)

How owesome to be decided to get married without seeing eath other.
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