Magic Tree House #5: Night of the Ninjas

by Mary Pope Osborne

Paperback, 1995



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PB Osb





Random House Books for Young Readers (1995), Paperback, 80 pages


The magic tree house takes Jack and Annie back in time to feudal Japan where the siblings learn about the ways of the Ninja.

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80 p.; 7.54 inches

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Jack and Annie find out that Morgan Le Fay is in trouble! They go back to the last book she opened and end up in ancient Japan asking ninjas for help. When Jack and Annie prove they can use their ninja ways to escape the samurai, they are given a stone to help find her.
LibraryThing member skeeterbo
These books are short and are not that good. It was a little cool because they had togo to battle.
LibraryThing member MStephanie
I really like the Magic Tree House series. They are great for early readers and introducing chapter books. My students also really enjoy them! I like to use them for small reading groups and DEAR time.
LibraryThing member adamjohn
In Frog Creek, Pennsylvania, Jack and Annie find out that their friend Merlin has been coursed. They go try to rescue him but they do not what is waiting for them...
LibraryThing member True54Blue
Don't try this at home! You will want to read chapter nine with your children, young friends, etc. and discuss it with them. In order to follow a mouse across a small branch Jack and Annie must think of themselves as mice so that it will not break under their weight. I think Osborne is being
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irresponsible in promoting such a philosophy with no caveat as it may result in injury to children.
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LibraryThing member dougcornelius
An entertaining, but predictable, entry in the series. The kids enjoyed it. I found the title to be more interesting than the story.
LibraryThing member benuathanasia
I picked this book up expecting to feel brain cells dying as I read it. I was very wrong; I can see why my students enjoy this series so much. It's very well written (albeit extremely simplistic) and interesting. It was an extremely quick read and is educational, to boot!
LibraryThing member gjchauvin504
If you like ninjas, then you'll want to read Night of the Ninjas. If you like mice, you'll like this book, because Peanut is a mouse. The story keeps you guessing. becaue the mouse acts like a human. I liked Night of the Ninjas, because ninjas fight like martial artists. I remembeer reading this
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book when I was in grammer school and how much i liked it. So i will definatly read thia boook to my students when I become a teacher.
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LibraryThing member suziannabean
Kaylee, my 4 year old, is obsessed with these books. Very fun.
LibraryThing member debnance
I finally got around to reading the first five books of the Magic Tree House series, and I have to say that these are perfect for my early chapter book readers. We’ve got a boy and a girl main character...check. We’ve got adventure and action...check. We’ve got readable text...check. What
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more could I ask for?
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LibraryThing member akwon3
I liked this book for two reasons. One of the reasons I liked this book was for the way it was written. Although it is a historical fiction and the main story is fiction, I liked how the author incorporated facts into the story. She does this through Jack reading a book about ninjas during his
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adventure. The things that he reads in the books are actual facts so that way children are learning things without even realizing it. Another reason I liked this book was for the illustrations. Although this is a chapter book, the author included picture occasionally throughout the book. I thought the illustrations help the reader better visualize the story. Overall, I think that the main message of this book was that you can do whatever you put your mind to as long as you have the right mindset.
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LibraryThing member lruano
Jack and Annie are looking for the friend Morgan Le Fey because the magic tree house is back. But they find out Morgan has a magic curse and that she has been trapped in a book about ninjas. When they meet the ninjas they are afraid but realized they are friendly than the thought and the enemies
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are the Samurai warriors. When they are trying to get back to the tree house because they couldn’t find Morgan they have to act and be like ninjas to survive and not get captured by the Samurai. When they got to the tree house running away from the Samurai because they were coming back they found the ninja master. He gave him a stone that would help them find Morgan. When they got back home they had to prepare so they can look for Morgan the next day. I really love these books it reminds me of my childhood. This book also makes you be curious about the stories and other countries.
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LibraryThing member jhawn
The magic tree house takes Jack and Annie back in time to feudal Japan where the siblings learn about the ways of the Ninja. 2 copies
LibraryThing member Briars_Reviews
After doing some crazy cleaning, I came across this lovely little gem from my childhood. I used to binge this series like no tomorrow. I remember doing the summer reading challenge and bringing home as many of the books in this series as possible. I thought they were so cool, so whimsical and so
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magical. Not much has changed, as I completely adored picking up this book. The nostalgia was on point!

I don't remember what happened through books one through four, as it has been a long time, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this novel. Jack and Annie are on a quest to save Morgan with their little pet mouse. They travel in the magic tree house and are suddenly among ninjas! They go on an adventure to find one of the items that can help save Morgan, and learn a lot along the way.

I really like this series. It's packed full of fun and is a great middle grade read. It's simple, fast, and the action never stops. It might not be totally historically accurate, but it's a great read with lots of whimsy packed in it. I think, as long as you don't go into this book expecting it to be some non-fiction, educational romp then you'll be fine. Enjoy it for the goofy fictional book that it is.

I also have a special place in my heart for this series because it did spike my reading interest back in the day, so I'm totally biased. I just remember the fun of grabbing the books in this series and being whisked away on a magical adventure. That's childhood for you.

Four out of five stars.
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