Magic Tree House #41 - A Merlin Mission: Moonlight on the Magic Flute

by Mary Pope Osborne

Other authorsSal Murdocca (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2009



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Fic Osb



Random House Books for Young Readers (2009), Edition: 1St Edition, Hardcover, 128 pages


Jack and Annie travel to Vienna, Austria, in 1762 where they meet the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his sister and help save the budding genius' life.


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128 p.; 8.54 inches


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LibraryThing member didaly
Transported again by a book in their magic treehouse, this time Jack and Annie are in Austria in the 18th-century, anxiously searching for their mission as they tolerate the company of a pesky young boy who has no other children around to play with. When that boy turns out to be Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the focus of their mission, they use the brilliant music he has already begun composing to recapture animals he has freed from the zoo, inspiring him that his music is magical even if he is weary of missing his childhood for it. The absence of otherworldly magical tools at the hero and heroine's disposal is refreshing here considering it is a Merlin Mission, and the focus on the work and life of a great artist is handled well. A good addition to a curriculum focusing on Mozart or on the lives of young artists.… (more)
LibraryThing member NMkimdykstra
Personal Response:

I thought this was a cute story. I didn't think that there was anything super special about, still it was entertaining and fun to hear the author's take on Mozart's early years.

School/Library Use:

Lots of kids love series books. Having this book available with the other Magic Treehouse books is important!

A fun class assignment might be to do additional research for particular Magic Treehouse books (particularly the ones that do not have research guides such as this one).
… (more)
LibraryThing member csweat
Jack and Annie are off on another Magic Treehouse Merlin Mission. They go to a ball in Austria to help a famous artist. They meet a little boy named Wolfie. Jack thinks he is annoying, but Annie makes Jack treat him nice anyway. Later that evening, they find out Wolfie is really the famous musician Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart. They help him find his love of music again.
The Magic Treehouse books are really special to me. My son and I use to take turns reading a chapter. So he could get his AR points. I think these are good books for children to visit different times in history and places without never leaving their bedrooms.
In the classroom, we would talk about famous people and places we want to visit. Then I would have them draw a picture of themselves visiting that place or meeting that person. Then they would stand up in front of the class and tell about their adventure.
… (more)
LibraryThing member sjiwenxuan
Jack and Annie went to a fancy party in long time ago,but they don't know what to do in the party before. This book is good for people that likes history, and this book tells you about how they celebrate party in long time ago.
LibraryThing member TeriHogg
Imagine that you and your brother have a time traveling tree house and are entrusted with the mission of finding an artist who will bring true happiness to millions of people. In book #41 of the Magic Tree House series, Annie and Jack go back in time to the Schonbrunn Palace of Empress Maria Theresa in October of 1762. Wearing opulent court clothing and having to quickly learn court protocol, Annie and Jack are detained from finding this brilliant artist by a precocious boy named Wolfie and his sister, Nan. When Wolfie comes up missing, the trio searches for him in the palace gardens encountering the royal zoo animals running free! Jack and Annie discover the magic of the flute and the true artist who was right there all the time. Children familiar with this series will enjoy the adventure and trouble caused by the child prodigy, Mozart. Black and white illustrations help children visualize this historical era. Additional facts about Mozart are included at the end of the story furthering knowledge about his life and times. Extension activities in the classroom might include listening to his music, particularly from the opera, The Magic Flute. Highly recommended for children in Grades 2-4.… (more)
LibraryThing member skcramer
Once again, Jack and Annie's magic tree house whisks them away to adventure – this time to a party at an eighteenth-century Austrian palace where they soon meet a six-year-old Mozart. Weaving history into a funny, fast-paced narrative has been a hallmark of The Magic Tree House series, and this title is no exception. Readers will feel comfortable amidst the familiar characters and premise while details about the palace, period customs and fashion (highlighted through numerous black-and-white illustrations) will draw readers into young Mozart’s world. An appendix offering additional “Facts about Mozart and His Time” allows readers to engage more fully with the history. Recommended for readers ages seven to nine.… (more)
LibraryThing member shsunon
Armed with a magic flute and very little information, Jack and Annie are catapulted to a palace summer party in 1762, Vienna, Austria. There they meet the Archduchess of Austria and a precocious, slightly obnoxious little boy named Wolfie (Mozart). While experiencing an evening of luxury living, they encounter a dangerous adventure in the palace gardens. Will the magic flute come to their rescue? A Merlin Mission!!… (more)
LibraryThing member Zacswic
This story is about when the magic tree house whisks jack and annie back in time and they have to find Mozart, the music artist. But trouble happens when Wolfie Mozart lets loose the animals from the zoo. Will they find the secret to bring happiness to everyone? I recommend this book for people who are really interested in Mozart and music.… (more)

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