Magic Tree House #43 - A Merlin Mission: Leprechaun in Late Winter

by Mary Pope Osborne

Paperback, 2012



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Random House Books for Young Readers (2012), Edition: Stk Rep, Paperback, 144 pages. $4.99.


Jack and Annie travel back to nineteenth-century Ireland to inspire a young Augusta Gregory to share her love of Irish legends and folktales with the world.

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144 p.; 7.5 inches

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LibraryThing member alexmcdonald
Leprechaun are my favourite, but reading is more important so when an author combines the two, it create favourtism in the air.
LibraryThing member Kaberasturi
This book is part of a series of adventures in which the two main characters, young Jack and Annie stumble upon a magic tree house previously owned by a magical leprechaun hoping to better the world. In this adventure, Jack and Annie travel back in time to the nineteenth century in Ireland to
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convince a sad young girl to share her artistic talents with the world. This book would be appropriate for independent readers in grades 4-6. The themes addressed here are fiction, helping others, identity and mythology.
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LibraryThing member benuathanasia
I picked this book up expecting to feel brain cells dying as I read it. I was very wrong; I can see why my students enjoy this series so much. It's very well written (albeit extremely simplistic) and interesting. It was an extremely quick read and is educational, to boot!
LibraryThing member kjacks26
I had mixed feeling about this book after reading it. I liked this book because it was written well. I did not like this book because I was not interested in the adventure that Jack and Annie went on. I think that the author did a really great job with character development. By reading this book, I
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can tell that Annie can think on her feet, and makes sure that her plans are well thought out. On the other hand, Jack is very scattered, and rushes through things. For example, “Sorry, Miss Augusta,” said Annie. “We’re almost ready.” She whispered directions to Jack. “Okay. Say your introduction. I’ll start to play. Then you’ll start to sing. Then—” “I’ve got it,” said Jack. “Let’s just start.” I like that there are pictures throughout this chapter book. Even though the pictures are black and white, they still enhance the story. For example, when Jack and Annie are walking with Augusta and they feel like Augusta thinks she is better than them, there is a picture of Jack and Annie walking behind Augusta, reinforcing what she thinks their social status is compared to hers. I also like that there are both inner and outer dialogue. For example, “Where is summer? Can you answer me that?” Mary’s question doesn’t make sense, Jack thought. The central message of this book is that taking the time to help others can in return help you. In the beginning of the story, Jack was struggling to write a story for school. He took on a mission to help inspire Augusta, and even though it seemed impossible at times, he kept trying, and in return was inspired to write his story for school.
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LibraryThing member kbuffum13
Jack and Annie are sent back to Ireland in the 19th century. They were sent to find Augusta and inspire her to share her creativity with the whole world. They got to the house and said that they were called for. However they could do nothing that the cook asked him to do. Augusta wants to help
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other people and made sure to give them drinks and food. Augusta sister was very angry that she would let them into their house. They ate the potatoes and drank tea and they asked what inspired her. The books that were there were told to be to mature for the young lady of Augusta. Her mother told her to get the dirty kids out of their parlor and she followed them outside. They feel like there is not a lot of imaginative nature to Augusta. She said that she used to be but she is not allowed to do it because it is not proper for a young lady. Augusta took them to see Mary so that she could tell Jack and Annie about her. Mary told Augusta that she is not happy and this made her very upset. She told her that they must help her see the magic. Thankfully, Jack and Annie use a special whistle that they could then use to show Augusta the magical world. But, then comes and problem and Augusta is taken away and they have to rescue then rescue her. They met Willy who was a Leprechaun and he was helping them. He set them on the direct path but would not go with them because of what could happen to him. They found august in the hole with all of the dancers and they have shrunk her. They were surprised that Augusta did not want to go home. The High King was upset about Jack and Annie and was ready to change them. They were able to bring Augusta to meet Willy who no longer has to hide from her. They achieved their goal to inspire Augusta. They were ready to go home and were ready to look up information about Augusta. The genre of this book is fantasy.
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