Matt Christopher Sports Classics: Baseball Pals

by Matthew F Christopher

Paperback, 1990



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PB Chr


Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (1990), Paperback, 117 pages


Lessons on teamwork and friendship are woven into the spirited story of one boy's turn on the pitcher's mound.

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117 p.; 7.2 inches


0316140058 / 9780316140058



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Baseball pals
This book is about a kid named Jamie. He is a kid that is not popular. He then was elected captain of the baseball team. He then makes himself the pitcher of the baseball team. However, they already have a good pitcher named Paul. Jamie is a bad pitcher and fails. He also kicks Paul off the team and all of the other teammates want him back. When he calls Paul back he returns, plays the game, and wins it all.

This book is a great book. It was an old book but I thought it was good. This book was made and illustrated in 1984 by Catherine Christopher. My favorite part was when Paul comes back and wins it all. I did not really get it though because I think they rushed the book. They probably could have made the book bigger than it is. I think that everyone should read this book.
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