Honus & Me (Baseball Card Adventures #1)

by Dan Gutman

Paperback, 2003



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PB Gut





Scholastic (2003), Paperback, 138 pages


Joey, who loves baseball but is not very good at it, finds a valuable 1909 Honus Wagner card and travels back in time to meet Honus.


Texas Bluebonnet Award (Nominee — 2000)
Sequoyah Book Award (Nominee — Young Adult — 2000)
Utah Beehive Book Award (Nominee — Children's Fiction — 2000)


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138 p.; 7.4 inches

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LibraryThing member mspioneer
The book is about a kid Joe who cleans out an old lady's attic. He finds an Honus Wagner baseball card worth a million $. Something magical seems to happen to him Read to find out. It you like baseball you may enjoy this one. -M.D
LibraryThing member MattW1
This is a great book. A kid who struggles on his baseball team travels back in time using a Honus Wagner baseball card. He goes back to when Honus was in the world series against Ty Cobb and the detroit tigers. He learns a valuable lesson there too.
LibraryThing member mrsarey
Joe Stoshack loves baseball and is excited when he finds a rare baseball card of Honus Wagner. When he touches it, he travels back in time and learns more about this shadowy baseball figure.
LibraryThing member stoog
come on Honus, help me at least hit the stinkin ball
LibraryThing member mspioneer
It is about a boy named Joe. His parents split up but his mom told him to clean out his old neighbors attic and found the greatest thing which was a Honus Wagner 1909 baseball card.- DG
LibraryThing member Omrythea
Boys into sports may really like this book.
LibraryThing member bostonfan
It's a very good book and sporty kind of book
LibraryThing member Trina08
The story was about a young boy who wanted to get some money for a new pair of shoes, so he decided to clean up his next door neighbor attic for money. While he was cleaning the attic he found a baseball card that had Honus name on it. The card was magical. Honus and him went on adventures and at
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the end of the story the little boy found out that Honus use to date his next door neighbor. This is a story about moral values and honesty children should have. This is a great book for fourth graders.
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LibraryThing member agrudzien
While cleaning out his neighbor's attic, Joe finds an incredibly rare Honus Wagner baseball card. What makes it even more rare is that Joe can travel through time and interact with Honus when he is holding the card. Thus begins the biggest adventure of Joe's baseball loving life! As he joins Honus
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for the 1909 World Series, he learns more about baseball and more about life.

Such a fun read for a baseball fan! Not only was there tons of baseball trivia and information, the story was fast paced and exciting. I think that the players who are more well known (ie. Jackie Robinson) would be a great way to introduce this series to boys who love baseball even though this is the first one.
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LibraryThing member KENJOH
As a young reader I never selected sports books because I wasn't interested in sports. After reading this book I can say I wish I hadn't made that judgement as child. This book intrigued me and I learned about a topic I've never studied, baseball. I also liked the moral delimma Joe struggled with
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throughout the story. He struggled with deciding if he should let the woman know he found an expensive baseball card in her attic. I loved this book because it included time travel, historical fiction and dramatic moments. My heart stopped when the other baseball player ripped up all the Honus baseball cards Joe was given. I also really liked the themes throughout the story. It would be a fun read aloud.
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LibraryThing member Othemts
This is another baseball ebook I borrowed from the library to read to my son that I ended up liking more than he did. The story is the first in a series in which a boy named Joey discovers he can use baseball cards to travel through time and meet famed players. In this case, it's Pittsburgh great
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Honus Wagner who takes Joey to the 1909 World Series and even gets him in the game. It's a great fantasy which touches on issues of integrity and honesty. Wagner comes across just a bit too perfect, but then again all accounts have him as a great guy. A good read for kids who like sports from around the ages 7 to 11.
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