Animal Ark #20: Shetland in the Shed

by Ben M. Baglio

Paperback, 2001



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Scholastic, Inc (2001), Paperback, 144 pages


When a friend goes into the hospital, Mandy and James take in his daughter Polly and her shetland pony, but the owners of Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic find they must teach her how to overcome a fear of horses.

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144 p.; 7.4 inches

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LibraryThing member Heather19
Another wonderful Animal Ark book! Shona the Shetland pony is so cute and friendly, how could anyone not love her? Well, her owner, a little girl named Polly, doesn't love her... in fact she refuses to have anything to do with her. Mandy, of course, takes up the challenge of getting Polly to like
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the pony... but will she succeed? I really liked how they used Blackie, James' dog, as a go-between to get Polly interested in Shona. Polly really loves animals, but her mom died in a freak riding accident, which is why she doesn't want anything to do with her new pony. But she loves Blackie, and Blackie and Shona quickly become friends, so it helps bridge the gap between owner and pony.
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½ (16 ratings; 3.9)
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