Animal Ark #10: Ponies at the Point

by Ben M. Baglio

Paperback, 1999



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PB Bag




Scholastic, Inc (1999), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 144 pages


While vacationing in Ireland, Mandy and her friend James find a wounded foal which offers clues that someone is trying to steal the wild Connemara ponies, and Mandy and James set out to find the horse thieves.

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144 p.; 5.2 x 0.43 inches

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LibraryThing member Heather19
Another AWESOME Animal Ark book! Mandy and James, while on vacation in Ireland, discover a wild group of ponies on the beach. The foal of the lead pony has a tight rope-halter around her face, so small that it is cutting into her skin and will soon kill her if someone doesn't get it off. But these
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are wild ponies, so it's not like Mandy can just walk right up and help the little foal. She has to figure out a safe way to help, and that isn't easy. And who put that halter on the foal in the first place? Mandy thinks it may have been someone from a group of horse smugglers who try to steal the wild ponies and sell them internationally. As always, Mandy's devotion to the animals and her stubborn willingness to try anything to help them really warmed my heart. I got nervous when it was revealed who the horse smugglers were, and excited when Mandy came to the rescue once again. Another wonderful book in the series.
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½ (18 ratings; 3.9)
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