Animal Ark #1: Kittens in the Kitchen

by Ben M. Baglio

Paperback, 1998



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Scholastic Paperbacks (1998), Edition: 0, Paperback, 160 pages


When the stray cat she has adopted has kittens in her school caretaker's cottage, he gives Mandy just a week to find homes for the four babies.

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160 p.; 7.4 inches

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LibraryThing member Heather19
*may contain spoilers*

Another wonderful Animal Ark book. Didn't realize until halfway through that it's actually the first in the series. I loved reading how spoiled Imogene is in this book, and the old ladies fighting was funny. And I loved how Mandy and Walter tricked Ernie into keeping the
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kitten! I've read so many AA books, I guess I should've caught on to the fact that Mr. Williams would end up keeping the mother cat (it's mentioned in later books), but I totally didn't remember, so it was a very nice surprise.
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LibraryThing member funstm
I have fond memories of reading Animal Ark as a kid. Along with all the other series I'm revisiting at the moment, I've decided to set out to read all of Animal Ark. I know I read a hell of a lot of them but I know I didn't quite get through the whole lot.

Animal Ark follows Mandy and James two
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crazy obsessed animal lovers for work together to save all the animals in the world. Mandy is the adopted daughter of two vets and many books in the series revolve around her hometown of York and her parent's veterinary clinic - Animal Ark. James is her best friend and fellow helper/trouble maker. The series promotes responsible animal ownership, willingness to work hard for worthwhile goals and encouragement to lend a hand to family, friends and others in the wider community. Animal Ark is pure gold for young readers. Unfortunately they're a bit simple and a lot repetitive for adult readers but let's face it, those of us rereading are likely here for nostalgia than plot. Younger readers will find the series engaging, humorous, a little silly and lots of fun.

I don't remember these books being quite so young when I first read them. Anyway, Kittens in the Kitchen is about a stray cat giving birth to four kittens inside the kitchen and Mandy trying to find them homes. 3 stars for the target audience, but 2 stars for me. It was a bit boring - nothing much happens in this one.
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