American Girl Kirsten #6: Changes for Kirsten - a Winter Story

by American Girls Collection (Series)

Other authorsJanet Shaw (Author)
Paperback, 1988



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PB Ame

Call number

PB Ame

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PB Ame




Madison Wis. : Pleasant Co (1988), Hardcover


A tough Minnesota winter brings many changes to Kirsten's frontier life, including the new responsibility of helping her brother Lars set his traps and a move into a new house for her family.


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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Kirsten’s family is saving money for new farmland, but when Kirsten lets a raccoon into the cabin out of compassion, he burns it down. Now they have no home and very few things, but if they can make enough money they can buy a house from friends going on the Oregon Trail. Kirsten and her brothe
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find Old Jack dead and many valuable furs in his cave that are enough to pay for the new house.
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LibraryThing member regularguy5mb
These are cute books, stories to go along with the American Girl dolls they are about.

This one involves Kirsten, a young girl growing up in the early days of Minnesota on the frontier. She helps her family however she can, including going fur trapping with her brother. Of course, when they find a
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baby raccoon caught just by the tail in one of their traps, things get interesting.

A cute story, but seems to rely heavily on happenstance for a positive outcome. Of course, what do you expect when there are only about 60 pages to tell a full adventure?
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