American Girl Kirsten #5: Kirsten Saves the Day - A Summer Story

by American Girls Collection (Series)

Other authorsJanet Shaw (Author)
Paperback, 1988



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PB Ame

Call number

PB Ame

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PB Ame




American Girl (1988), Paperback, 88 pages


Ten-year-old Kirsten is proud and excited when she finds a bee tree full of honey, one of the natural treasures of her Minnesota frontier world, but she exposes herself to great danger by trying to harvest the honey by herself.

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88 p.; 8.3 inches

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Kirsten is trying to help her family by gathering honey from the bee tree, but she goes about it the wrong way. Rather than getting help, she tries to get it themselves to impress them. When a bear comes onto the scene, she and her little brother just barely escape and she understands her mistake.
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In they end they get the honey, a hive, and everything they need including a new hat for Kirsten.
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