The Littles Have a Wedding #4

by John Peterson

Paperback, 1993



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PB Pet




Scholastic Paperbacks (1993), Paperback, 96 pages


Cousin Dinky is getting married! Tom and Lucy want to give a special gift.

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96 p.; 7.7 inches

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LibraryThing member bekstrom
This is a good example of a fictional early chapter book. Its a good fictional story because the author makes the story seem very plausable, but in reality there would be no such thing as humans only 4 or 6 inches tall with tails. Despite their differences, the littles seem to live relatively
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normal human lives but they do it in their own unique way. There are a few nice pictures throughout the book done in pencil which really help the students create a visual of the story. The plot developes very nicely in the story. It is a person against nature plot, because all of the obstacles that the Littles face are because of the world around them. Everything they do is difficult because of their size. It may be having to create a glider that takes them place to place, or walking to a house to get married but having cats in the way. Things that would normally not be considered difficult are difficult for the littles. This book is appropriate for an intermediate classroom.
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LibraryThing member jessy555
Genre: fantasy
Critique of Genre: This is a good example of fantasy because there is this family of "little people" who live in the walls of a person's home. They borrow things from the human family to decorate or use in their own home that they know the people won't be using anymore. They have
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little adventures throughout the book trying to get ready for a wedding and finding things they can use from around the house.
Characterization: Granny Little is a pretty flat character only appearing a few times throughout the story, but she has the insight you would see in a normal grandmother. She tries to ease the mind of a worried mother when her son goes up in a hot air balloon adventure. She also is hard of hearing so it makes for some pretty funny things too. Take, for instance, the time the family was talking about Cousin Dinky and his singing voice, the entire family knows that he has a bad voice but Granny Little thinks he is wonderful because she can't really hear him!
Media: Pencil
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LibraryThing member rlee09
Review: This is a good example of a fantasy because the author gives the little people with tails human characteristics such as talking, getting married, and flying in planes. The author makes these characters believable.

Setting: the setting was a backdrop setting because although little people
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with tails don't live in our walls the author describes it to be happening in regular neighborhoods- not somewhere specific.

Media: Sketches
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LibraryThing member SabraR
This early reader chapter book is about a family called the Littles. They are called the Littles because they are tiny, they live in the walls of a families home and has many relatives living near by. One day a cousin of the Littles came to visit his name was Dinky but he wasn't alone he brought
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fiancé Della. The Little were over joyed when they heard they were getting married and they couldn't wait to be part of the wedding. Tom and Lucy, the main characters in the Little books were excited to be the ring bear and flower girl. The Littles and Dinky went on a hunt to find the perfect wedding location and they found one but the journey to get there was a little tricky. All of the families came together to start traveling to the venue, they traveled in backsets carried by balloons. When they arrived at the venue it was a challenge because they didn't want to get caught by the people living at that house. But they eventually made it to their venue which was a pretty old clock. And Dinky and Della lived happily ever after.
This is a good fantasy early chapter book for kids because it relate an everyday celebration to a tiny family that has to use house old objects to celebrate. It also is a good adventures book because it isn't easy being small and maneuvering about a big house all the time.
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