If You Lived In Colonial Times

by Ann McGovern

Other authorsJune Otani (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1992



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Scholastic Paperbacks (1992), Edition: Updated, Paperback, 80 pages. $4.95.


Describes what it was like to live in the New England colonies during the years 1565 to 1776.


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80 p.; 9.03 x 7.4 inches

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LibraryThing member KayceBivins
This book is a great example of a fiction and nonfiction together because it is a fun way to look back into history and relate to themselves which is so important at a young age to stay interested to books and relate to them.
LibraryThing member lmcswe1
I enjoyed this book as a whole because it was presented in a clear way that I could understand. It was in a question/answer format, kind of like an encyclopedia, and this made the main points of the book easy to find. There was also a table of contents that provided easy access to the topics the
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book covered. The main idea of the book was to provide insight into the lives of the colonial people. Although the book was good overall, there were some negative aspects about it as well. Specifically, some of the questions weren’t as useful as they could have been. For example, almost half of the book was filled with questions about the education of the colonial times. Although this is useful information, there is much more that happened during the colonial era. In addition, the questions that weren’t related to education seemed arbitrary and mundane, such as “Did children have to worry about table manners?” and “what did the furniture look like?” This is a good book to introduce children to the topic of the colonial era, but doesn’t cover enough to be a sole source of information on the topic.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
f you lived in colonial times: --What kind of clothes would you wear? --Would you go to school? --What would happen if you didn't behave? This book tells you what it was like to live in the New England colonies during the years 1565 to 1776.




½ (32 ratings; 3.9)
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