Nature Crafts for Kids: 50 Fantastic Things to Make With Mother Nature's Help

by Gwen Diehn

Other authorsTerry Krautwurst (Author)
Paperback, 1992



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Lark Books (1992), Paperback, 144 pages


Provides instructions for using leaves, flowers, twigs, and shells to make fifty craft projects, including kites, kaleidoscopes, and clocks.


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144 p.; 9.8 inches


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LibraryThing member elizabethholloway
This book offers over 50 craft projects that somehow relate to nature. They range from the very difficult--building a cement birdbath--to the simpler--making a kite with tissue paper and pipe cleaners. The projects are arranged by season and natural element (spring/rain, for example). Some of the projects are prefaced with information about the natural element. There are lots of photographs and illustrations, making the projects easy to follow and the reading engaging. The directions are clear. They list materials first and then provide step-by-step instructions. There is also a general preface, which is helpful. It suggests reading the instructions all the way through, doing a trial run and more.

I do have one major concern about this book. Though the preface says "be careful" nowhere does the book say some of these projects should be done with an adult, if you are, for example, pouring cement or using a hacksaw. In fact, the photos show kids doing these projects by themselves.

Otherwise, the book has quite a few fun projects. One author is a fine arts teacher; the other is a nature writer. This book is targeted for upper elementary students.
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