Rudolf Steiner's Vision of Love

by Bernard Nesfield-Cookson

Paperback, 2000



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Rudolf Steiner Press (2000), Edition: 3rd edition, Paperback, 352 pages


Rudolf Steiner is a pivotal figure in contemporary, esoteric thinking. He has provided an impetus for spiritually renewing numerous areas of twentieth-century culture, including education, agriculture, medicine, the arts, and religion. In describing human evolution, Steiner showed how Christ's death and resurrection - the "Mystery of Golgotha" - has a singular importance in the human struggle toward the summit of evolution: union with the higher self. In this book, Bernard Nesfield-Cookson shows how Steiner's vision of love, the transformative power brought by Christ, unites the forces of the human head and heart, leading to the spiritual awakening of humankind. The author gathers references to the "logic of the heart" from throughout Steiner's work and encapsulates what he revealed about the meaning of love. And he shows the supreme importance of the greatest of all acts of love - the Mystery of Golgotha.… (more)

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352 p.; 8.51 inches


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