The Best Book of Bikes (Popular Mechanics for Kids)

by Amy Pinchuk

Paperback, 2003



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Maple Tree Press (2003), Paperback, 64 pages


The Best Book of Bikes is a multi-faceted and comprehensive look at everything to do with bikes. The Best Book of Bikes builds on the well-respected name of Popular Mechanics for Kidsa?, which boasts a successful television series, website, and line of merchandise. Discover how bikes evolved from two-wheeled toy horses into today's lean, mean, pedaling machines. Meet some of the world's great cycling heroes. Delve into the mechanics of how bikes work. Get gunky as you become a bonafide grease monkey. This high-energy, entertaining, and informative book is a must for all bike owners. Features include: Incredible facts about the history, invention, science, heroes, and culture of bikes Lively language and illustrations demystify the mechanics of biking Easy-to-follow illustrations with simple step-by-step instructions show kids exactly what they need to do to maintain their bikes Amazing and off-the-wall biking stories, stunts, and feats pop up throughout the pages Interactive puzzles, games, and activities get kids thinking about the mechanics of biking An easy-to-use glossary of technical terms, such as crank, derailleur, and sprocket - valuable definitions in simple language… (more)


Silver Birch Fiction Award (Nominee — Non-Fiction — 2004)


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64 p.; 11.02 inches


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