Seven Times the Sun: Guiding Your Child Through the Rhythms of the Day

by Shea Darian

Paperback, 1999



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EC Waldorf
(copy 02)


Gilead Pr (1999), Edition: 2, Paperback, 221 pages


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221 p.; 10.2 inches


0967571308 / 9780967571300

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LibraryThing member briarwren
This was a very beautiful and peaceful book that came in a time when it was very much needed. It helped me slow down and understand that every day is very spiritual; that life maintenance is a part of who we are and if we just accept that, it makes everything much more simple. It helped me enrich my children's life, to finally accept them for whom they are and in so doing enrich my own life. Besides, if you have a little chant or song to sing while you're doing chores, handwork, settling down for a nap, or whatever, it always helps make it more fun. And I liked the tips and ideas on how to incorporate different rituals into your day. This book won't be for everyone, or for every lifestyle, but for those it speaks to, it is wonderful book. I highly recomend it.… (more)

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