Tree (Eyewitness Books)

by David Burne

Hardcover, 1988



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582.1 Bur

Call number

582.1 Bur

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582.1 Bur





Knopf Books for Young Readers (1988), Edition: 1st American ed, Hardcover, 63 pages


Photographs and text explore the anatomy and life cycle of trees, examining the different kinds of bark, seeds, and leaves, the commercial processing of trees to make lumber, the creatures that live in trees, and other aspects.

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63 p.; 11.1 inches

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LibraryThing member mitchell_eve
By DK eyewitness books

The book called Tree as 32 main topics arranging from what is a tree, to how trees grow, to the life among the leaves. Each heading has a short paragraph explaining what the heading a short explanation of the picture. This book is very useful when first starting to find
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information out about trees. I could see students using this book for projects
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LibraryThing member Robinsbooks7
I recall being a child and loving these books because of the cool pictures and photographs. As an adult I realize how hard it would be for a young child to read them. The font is real small and spread out in many places on the pages. I give this book a two out of five for its non read-ability for
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children. I do like the big detailed pictures still; maybe I could put these DK Eyewitness books in the same place where I put the field guides, since they often have the same reading issues.
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LibraryThing member kdangleis
Eyewitness Books: Tree- Discover the life of a tree in close-up-from tiny seed to forest giant to woody skeleton, by David Burnie, is filled with beautiful pictures representing the life cycle and structures of various trees. The pictures span most of the pages with identifying or labeling the
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trees’ anatomy. There is a title and a brief explanation of the topic on each page, i.e. “Bark-the outer skin”. Most of the pictures are photos, but a few drawings are included throughout the book. All of the pictures are very detailed and are the main focus of the book. The book also covers information on a tree becoming timber and “Working with wood”. The back of the book contains an index directing readers to types of wood, leaves, fruits, sap, etc. Other Eyewitness Books available for YA are: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Butterfly & Month, Car, Mammal, Money, Skeleton and Sports.
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