Where the River Begins (Picture Puffins)

by Thomas Locker

Paperback, 1993



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Puffin (1993), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 32 pages


Two young boys and their grandfather go on a camping trip to find the source of the river that flows by their home.


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32 p.; 10.49 inches


0140545956 / 9780140545951



User reviews

LibraryThing member szanes
This book can be read as a simple tale of a grandfather and his two grandsons having an adventure together, or be read for a deeper meaning; the river being an analogy for one's life, flowing toward an inevitable end, and how it is good to go back and look at where you came from. Either way, it is a lovely compelling read.
LibraryThing member StephanieVega
Josh and Aaron are building a relationship with their grandfather while on a camping trip. They are curious about where the river begins so he takes them on a journey where they find a pond.

Ages: 5-6

Source: Pierce College
LibraryThing member ArianaCeras
Josh and Aaron make up stories as they watch the river flow.
Ages: 3 and Up
Source: Pierce College Library
LibraryThing member Carlos_Rivera_Jr.
A grandfather camping in the wilderness with his grandchildren. The pictures in the book looks like paintings. It brings a warm feeling to the reader.

Source: Pierce ECE class
LibraryThing member quanhtran
The information for the river, with the nature's scenery. And the author also tells the reader what we can do around there , Such as we can make a trip by the a lake. Even we can have campfire there .
Age group 4-5
Tacoma public library
LibraryThing member ACKrauss
Josh and Aaron go on an adventure with their grandfather to find where the river begins.
Ages: 4-7
Source: Pierce College Library
LibraryThing member fuzzytoaster77
Two boys and their grandfather adventure out to find where the river outside of their home began.

Ages 4-7
Source: Pierce College Library
LibraryThing member sarah.vargo
beautiful plot story that can be used in explaining how rivers flow.
LibraryThing member annikasmith
This is a great example of a realistic fiction book. It is set in present day and depicts realistic characters and setting and plot. It is very true to life and tells the story of some boys who go on a hike with their grandfather.
Art Media: alkyd and oil paintings
Appropriate Age: Primary
LibraryThing member justicelove
Two boys go camping with grandpa and find he source of a river.
LibraryThing member amandapanda613
Two boys wonder about where a river begins, and go on an adventure to find out.
Ages: 3-5
Source: Amazon
LibraryThing member christinecaldwell
This story talks about two boys that go on a camping trip with there grandpa and they want to find were the rivers end.
Ages 4-7
Pierce College Library
LibraryThing member marainajudd
This is a book that tells about a boy spending time with his grandfather to and discovering answers to questions.
Ages 5-8
Pierce College
LibraryThing member mvasquez7943
How a grandfather took his 2 grandsons down the river, camped out and went back home while exploring the river on the way.
LibraryThing member caseyjmorgan
this book is about a grandfather and his two grandsons. in this book they go on a camping trip to the river. they explore the river and follow because they want to find the end of it
pierce library
LibraryThing member AlissaT
Where the River Begins is all about the adventures that a grandfather and his two grandchildren that go hiking and exploring at the river near their house. I liked how this book gave the reader a sense of adventure, and you could tell that the river was very important to the characters. It's also a very relatable stories as many children have special things they do with their grandparents. I also really loved the beautiful illustrations, they definitely made me want to go hiking by a river.

Ages: 4 and up
Source: Pierce College library
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LibraryThing member BethJewett
This book is beautifully illustrated and is about a grandfather who takes his two grandchildren camping down the river in back of their home and they explore the river along the way back.
ages 4,5,6
pierce college library
LibraryThing member jessicasolis6
THis is a story about a family with a river near their house. They make up stories about the river and the river has a large part in the family. The grandfather takes the kids to find out where the river begins. Beautiful illustrations
LibraryThing member shantetwatson
How a grandfather and grandson travel down a river and camp out and follow the river back home.
LibraryThing member Batsneedfriendstoo
This book is about two brothers who embark on an adventure with their grandpa to find where the river leads
Ages 4-6
Source ECE class
LibraryThing member junludai
This book is about two brothers and their grandfather. They have an advanture by the river close to their home. They wish to find out where is the end of the river,
LibraryThing member 32BASKETBALL
This book is about a grandfather who takes his grandchildren to explore the river near the house. The book shows the relationship between the grandfather and the children. It is also important that children has a good relationship with grandparents. The book has great illustrations and is a great book to share.
LibraryThing member CindiH
This story is about a grandfather that takes his grandsons to go camping.
LibraryThing member Marlene28
This book has beautiful paints, the pictures are so eye catching and the words are so captivating. It has a very inspirational story about a boy and his grandfather that took a wonderful adventure to the river.
Age: 4 and Up
Source: Pierce Library
LibraryThing member pdenmark
Two boys venture with their grandfather to try to find the origins of the river they like to hang out near.
Pierce College Library




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