Totally Useless Skills

by Rick Davis

Paperback, 1994



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Pages Publishing Group (1994), Paperback, 64 pages


Provides step-by-step instructions for tricks and stunts such as spoon hanging, pencil tricks, odd finger snapping, and disappearing body parts.


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64 p.

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LibraryThing member MrJack
Read this book, practice the skills, and you will master the following useless talents: arm stretching, arm shrinking, split pencil, disappear you teacher's head, mystery in the middle, nose breaking, balancing act, ghost pencil, spoon hanging, hot dog, floating pencil, finger power, magnetic
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pencils, the longest word, tingly hands, leap through paper, a steel grip, we all fall down, bogglers, mismatched fingers, can't meet pencils, chair pick-up, the disappearing leg, the invisible ball, fake spoon bending, the straw worm, floating arms, hole in your hand, stick 'em up, and funny money.

Kids from 8 to 80 love this little book.

Psst: "Little Secrets" are scattered throughout the book that teach many Totally Useful Skills, such as: try, keep trying, try new ways, make it interesting, read, two are better than one, stop...think...go, step by step, rest, and go slowly.
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