Putting Food By

by Janet Greene

Paperback, 1992




Plume (1992), Edition: 4 Revised, Paperback, 432 pages


Offers directions for canning, freezing, drying, pickling, and smoking foods and creating soups, vegetables, main courses, and desserts from preserved foods.


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432 p.; 5.56 inches


0452268990 / 9780452268999

User reviews

LibraryThing member AJBraithwaite
A bit heavy on the 'do it this way or you're all gonna DIE' approach, but a useful introduction to bottling, drying and freezing excess produce.
LibraryThing member ShawnMarie
I have two copies of this book - one is the original (this one) that I purchased at the Salvation Army for 97 cents. It is older and some parts are out of date (read - would not be considered safe today) but that is exactly why I keep it. The newer version does not contain the chapters on "the preserving kettle" or "the round up".… (more)
LibraryThing member amkm
This is a great reference for both the beginner and advanced canner.
LibraryThing member jonesjohnson
If you like to preserve your own harvest (or the harvest of your local farmer's market) then this one is a godsend. It actually explains in great detail what needs pressure canning and what doesn't, plus it does give recipes to work with. If you are like me and prefer to make something homemade for dinner and just preserve the leftovers, this works fantastically. You can make a big batch of, for instance, PFB's beef stew and can most of it. Then you take the portion for your dinner and doctor it up to your favored specifications. Much better than the sorry recipes found in pectin packets, I assure you.… (more)
LibraryThing member Sundownr
An excellent quick reference book for food preserving with the hows and whys for doing each method, per each specific food. The book also gives good information to assess your equipment needs and concerns (freezers, canning equipment, etc.). It stays on the kitchen bookshelf with all my other favorites.
LibraryThing member renardkitsune
Just picked this up at a library book sale! Putting Food By is a little dated, but much of the material on canning and food preservation is still valid, because the authors came a the topic from the point of view of food safety. They do not recommend some of the older techniques that produce a questionable product, and they encourage the reader to keep food safety in mind when they are preserving. The book covers canning, freezing, drying, root-cellaring (one of the more interesting sections, to me, as I have a damp musty old basement and it sounds like that's exactly what you need!), curing, and some other "homesteading" topics like rendering lard and making soap. There are also some interesting old recipes at the end of the book (I am interested in the "baked stuffed heart" and "Old Settler Indian Pudding") There are also two mincemeat recipes in the canning section I am dying to try!… (more)
LibraryThing member jeanbmac
A good comprehensive textbook to have on hand.
LibraryThing member Sundownr
A really good canning reference.
LibraryThing member dms02
I have not read the whole book - I have merely breezed through sections. This is a useful reference tool that I am sure to check back on many many times to come.




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