Scorpions, 25th Anniversary Edition

by Walter Dean Myers

Paperback, 2013



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PB Mye


Amistad (2013), Edition: 0025-Anniversary, Paperback, 216 pages


After reluctantly taking on the leadership of the Harlem gang, the Scorpions, Jamal finds that his enemies treat him with respect when he acquires a gun--until a tragedy occurs.


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216 p.; 5.13 inches


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LibraryThing member btodosan
Myers voice is true and convincing. I listened to this with dread, however, because I didn't want to listen to the downfall of Jamal. Ending not as bad as I anticipated. I think you can feel sympathy for Jamal and his situation. Even if you disagree with his decisions, you certainly understand why he chose as he did.
LibraryThing member hsreader
Jamal his sister and his mom live in this apartment and they are kind of poor,and Jamals brother is in Jail and they nedd money to get him out.The only perosn who has that money and is trying to help is the mom. Jamal wants to help but he dosen't have a job so then this kid mack comes up and says we need you to be the leader of the scorpions. He said that so he wold start selling crack and other drugs to try and get money. and then after a while he gets him out and everything starts to get better. so he quites the gang and everything is laright. i liked this book because i like books that have gang related stuff in them. i would say this book is good for other kids so they can see how life is in gangs and selling.
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LibraryThing member mspioneer
It is about a kid who takes care of his brothers. It is similar to The Outsiders except in this book they hang out with the wrong crowd. He cant leave his brothers and sisters behind because he is all they have. Read this to find out if he follows through with taking care of what's left of his family or if the terrible gang life takes over. -J.G… (more)
LibraryThing member swaggsplasher
Jamal is twelve years old who who daily life activity involved where he come from Harlem. His brother who is older that him is in prison for murder, he mom work extra hour to feed and provide shelter for Jamal and his baby sister sassy, Jamal can;t stay away form trouble either he the one causes the mischief our someone is picking on him.
As know to the school and principal at school as a trouble making. his older in jail send him a message that he has to take he bother spot as the leader of a gang called Scorpions, a plan that was not discussed with with the other fellow scorpion gang member ,so Jamal went to one of the gang meeting and one of the fellow gang member gives Jamal a gun.
Like most child Jamal thought of using the gun to scared of the bully that kept picking on him in school and he also realized the gun can make other gang member on the street will give a a lot of street credibility, which gave him a wrong sense of courage and safety .
The story get interesting Jamal mistakenly shot the bully with the gun leaving him dead and that and some changes to Jamal and his best friend Tito childhood forcing them to grow up quickly which change their lives forever
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LibraryThing member brjamo
This is an interesting book based in the mid-1900’s. The main character, Jamal, must deal with everything from school trouble to gangs. On top of all this, his brother is in jail. for allegedly killing a man during a robbery. While at home, his family (mother, sister, Jamal) must cope with poverty. To make matters worse, he is not doing well in school because he has been inducted into his brothers gang. This is a very accurate, and interesting, account of what life was like back then in Brookland.
In my opinion, this is a very good book. I enjoyed reading about Jamal’s life It told me about what it really was like without that much money back then. Also, the author tells about what could happen if you were black during that time period. Discrimination also plays a part in Jamal’s life, and helps move the story along. Overall, I think that is a great book, and very well written, also.
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LibraryThing member ShalynAdams
This is a story about taking on the leadership of a Harlem gang, the Scorpions. A young boy named Jamal finds away to get treated with respect by his enemies when he obtains a gun. Jamal learns later that a gun does not bring respect but tragedy.

This story hit home for me. Gangs are becoming more and more around our state. A kid I went to school was in a gang and they came looking for him one day at park in town. When they got to the park they thought it was him and it ended up being his little brother who still had his whole life to live and was going in the right direction. The gang shot and killed his little brother that day thinking it was him.

I believe this is a great book to use as a tool to educate students about gang activity. I also think children would like this book because some could relate this book to their own life. In my opinion this book should be read and discussed in all classrooms.
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LibraryThing member SOULJA
I remember reading scorpions since I was like in the 5th grade. This book had me up for nights. Even though it took me like 10 hours to read the whole thing because I was slow at reading at the time, it just had to be done. I love the book. I want you to read this book if you are the type of person who really likes the climax, or the exiting action part of the books. Trust me when I say that this book is good. Walter Dean Myers did a excellent job on this book. I recommend you read this book.

This is from your guy SOULJA keeping it true and real. Come on my page and leave me a comment if you would like to speak.
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