My Name is Gabito / Me llamo Gabito: The Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez (English, Multilingual and Spanish Edition)

by Monica Brown

Other authorsRaul Colon (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2007



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Cooper Square Publishing Llc (2007), Edition: Bilingual English/Spanish, Hardcover, 32 pages


As a boy, Gabito had the ability to imagine many things. He lived in a small house with a large family. He would grow up to become a writer known as Gabriel García Márquez.Sumario en español: Como un niño, Gabito tenía la capacidad de imaginar muchas cosas. Él vivió en una pequeña casa con una gran familia. Él llega a ser un escritor conocido como Gabriel García Márquez.


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32 p.; 9.57 inches


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User reviews

LibraryThing member ffox
Beautiful artwork compliments the brief biography of one of my favorite authors, what more could you ask for? The pictures are simply amazing. They have a strong South American tone and style while remaining universal (like the author himself). And the passing references to his works is very enjoyable.
LibraryThing member jasusc
Through the compelling art work of color-pencil, the reader captures the childhood of famed writer, Garcia Marquez. To personalize the bilingual story, Ms. Brown refers to Garcia by his nickname, Gabito. You feel Gabito’s warmth and admiration when he’s with his grandfather, listening to his stories or when they are walking hand in hand. The words and pictures also capture Gabito’s zest for life.… (more)
LibraryThing member meallen1
The genre of this book is multi-cultural. The story is also fictional. The author used illustrations for the art. The content of this story is about a young man that loved to write stories because he could make impossible things happen in his stories that cant happen in real life. The reading level for this book is fifth grade. There are also no curricular connections for this book but it would be a great book for students to read.… (more)
LibraryThing member BrennaSheridan
This book gives the brief story and history of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and some of the inspiration behind his writing. The illustrations in this book are strong and help tell the stories visually, along with the words. Although the book tells a true story, it also shows an element of imagination behind his stories and encourages the reader to look into their own.… (more)
LibraryThing member annashapiro
Gabito was a boy living in Columbia with a great imagination. He lived with a ghost who sat in a rocking chair. He lived with a parrot who warned him about a bull that came running through the house, unharnessed! He lived with his grandfather who taught him all about words and new ideas, helping him develop his storytelling. This book understands that the little, personal details make a good story worth telling. Like being able to dip your hand in a water pitcher and feeling the little ice cubes. These kinds of details pay the correct kind of homage to a great writer. And if you can read Spanish or even want to try, you can enjoy this wonderful story all over again!… (more)
LibraryThing member jadepumpsthejams
The illustrations were very beautiful, they were light and looked like pastel drawings. Very sweet dedication to the life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
LibraryThing member jaia
This beautifully illustrated book invites the young to experiance the incredible imagination of Gabriel Garica Marquez with tidbits about "Gabito's" most creative imaginings with "Can you Imagine....?".
LibraryThing member KimSiljeg
I love Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I've read his books in both English and Spanish. The illustrations in My Name is Gabito are very beautiful. This a bilingual biography about the life of author Gabriel Garcia Marquez writtten for juveniles. I think the book would be a little too advanced for my young elementary students but I could picture it being used for the higher elementary grades 4th & 5th.… (more)
LibraryThing member kjarthur
I liked how this book hooked you with "Can you imagine?" because it has you thinking, "yes, I can imagine that." You learn of how the event and people of a boy's life inspire him to continue to imagine greater things such a s a fair world and how the more he learned the more stories he had.
Colorful and beautiful illustrations.

Use this to teach writing, hooking your readers in and imagining great possibilities.
This could even be used in upper level courses to introduce students to this author before studying one of his literary works.
… (more)
LibraryThing member pbrent
My Name is Gabito is a brief biography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's life growing up in Colombia. The book is mostly lighthearted with brief patches discussing the mistreatment of workers on fruit plantations. The book focuses on Marquez's imagination and how it flourished into one of the greatest literary minds. This book would be appropriate for much younger readers.… (more)
LibraryThing member JessMaeC

Gabito is the nickname of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This book tells the story of Marquez in an interesting way. Marquez grew up listening to his grandparents tell stories and learned to tell stories himself. Marquez lived in his imagination, but was reminded of reality when seeing the banana workers. He is now a famous author.

Personal Reaction:

I enjoy reading books about real people. I related to this book because I know some very good storytellers. One guy I know, even though I do not think most of his stories are completely true, tells real-life stories that keep you on the edge of your seat only to throw you on the floor laughing.

Classroom Extension Ideas:

1. Use this book to develop the children's story telling skills. After reading this story, have the children write their own story. It can be either fact or fiction, but it must be interesting.

2. Use the book to teach children about the Colombian culture. Make dolls out of popsicle sticks with Colombian clothes made of felt.
… (more)
LibraryThing member jresner
This book is a biography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who became a Nobel Prize winning author. It describes how he always had a great imagination, and his life in Colombia. He believed in ghosts, and had a 100-year-old talking parrot that would tell stories with him. His stories would come to life in his house. He learned new words from his grandfather, who had a dictionary, and learned about things like magic and stories. He went out to a cafe with his grandfather and his grandfather's friends every day, and he would tell stories each day. He and his grandfather would watch the banana workers as they picked bananas each day, and he always felt sad for them because they worked so much and had so little. He grew to become a story writer about things like magic carpets and men with huge wings, and always incorporated the banana workers into his stories.… (more)
LibraryThing member dluby17
This is categorized as a biography. The book centers around the story of a boy named Gabito. He was known for his great immagination especially when it came to the ghost in his house. He lived with his large family in a small house. He had a 100 year old parrot who had as wild of an imagination as Gabito. HIs favorite person was his grandfather who taught him and endless amount of wods to tell his magnificent stories. His grandfather took him all over town to see poor poeple who worked so hard, yet stayed poor and heard stories from his grandfathers friends who he ate lunch with. Gabito knew one thing in this world, he loved stories. He grew up to write the most outstanding stories that are read throughout all seven continents.… (more)
LibraryThing member ayala.yannet
Gabriel Garcia Marquez a Nobel Peace Winner and Latin-American writer. He is know for his magic realism. Monica Brown mentions important characteristics of Gabito.
LibraryThing member Salsabrarian
A picture book about an author that kids are unaware of and not even old enough to read his work??? Actually, this book works very well. Even if kids don't know who Gabriel Garcia Marquez is, they'll be caught up in the flow of his story which reads like a folktale. They'll also be attracted to the details of his life, such as the ghost, the 100-year-old parrot and his concern for the poor.… (more)
LibraryThing member magen.rauscher
I absolutely loved the message of this non-fiction story. I loved how little Gabito found power through words. From a young age he was able to see how story telling captivates humanity. This story can be used in the classroom to encourage students to dive into a world full of books to explore and writing to express themselves. The colors used in the illustrations were vibrant and inviting.… (more)






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