My Season With Penguins: An Antarctic Journal

by Sophie Webb

Hardcover, 2000



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Call number

598.47 Web

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HMH Books for Young Readers (2000), Hardcover, 48 pages


Describes the author's two-month stay in Antarctica to study and draw penguins.

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48 p.; 9 inches


0395922917 / 9780395922910



User reviews

LibraryThing member lauraloftin
This is a great informational text for the upper elementary-middle school classroom. Well written, easy to read text, with great pictures. Lots of helpful information in a unique, engaging format.
LibraryThing member ADw234
My Season with Penguins is a book about the author’s journey with penguins. This is a good book that gives interesting facts about penguins. This would be a great book for a teacher to use in her classroom to teach about penguins.
LibraryThing member icedchai
Genre: This book is a good example of realistic fiction. All of the events in the book are plausible and are continually being done. The journal entry format allowed for information to be given as if from an explorer while still discussing the characters (human).

Setting: 4 stars

Age: Intermediate/Middle School… (more)
LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
Ok, don't read picture books on an e-reader and expect to get the same experience as a paperbook. This book is *much* richer than the text. It's a little dry if one expects a narrative, but it's very lively and interesting from a scientific pov. I loved the illustrations, and the opportunity to learn what it's like to study penguins in the field.

For example, segregating a sub-colony behind a mesh corral, with only one gate - which is outfitted with a 'weigh bridge' - is a smart way to get lots of data but is only minimally disruptive.
… (more)




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