Exploring the Night Sky: The Equinox Astronomy Guide for Beginners (Equinox Children's Science Book Series)

by Terence Dickinson

Hardcover, 1987



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520 Dic

Call number

520 Dic

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520 Dic




Firefly Books (1987), Library Binding, 72 pages


Contains three sections--a ten-step voyage from Earth's vicinity to the far reaches of the universe, a sequence of ten closeup looks at interesting objects in section one, and a guide to viewing the night sky.


Canadian Information Book Award (Honour Book — 1988)

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72 p.; 8.61 x 8.6 inches

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LibraryThing member Jean_Sexton
This book for young adults is dated 2002 in my copy, reprinted in 2007. It is a nice introduction to the the solar system and constellations. It is a bit dated (Pluto is still a planet and it discusses where planets will be in the 2003-2007 range). I liked the illustrations and the facts were
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presented in easily digestible chunks. I wish it had been updated, but much has changed since it was published. Now where the planets might be on any given night is easily found on the internet or apps such as Sky Map. Still, I liked the background information and the great illustrations.

It was well worth the reading.
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