Eagle Song

by Joseph Bruchac

Hardcover, 1997



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Fic Bru

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Fic Bru

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Fic Bru



Dial (1997), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 80 pages


After moving from a Mohawk reservation to Brooklyn, New York, eight-year-old Danny Bigtree encounters stereotypes about his Native American heritage.


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80 p.; 6.73 inches


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User reviews

LibraryThing member irisdovie
I found the story okay - very easy to read. Bruchac includes some Native American traditional stories inside this one, which I enjoyed, but I still found the whole story somewhat bland. I would probably not use this story in either a public library or school curriculum.
LibraryThing member imagrtdnlvr
This book is about a young indian boy, Daniel, that has to move to Brooklyn. Noone in school likes him and all the kids make fun of him because he's different. Daniel's dad is asked by his teacher to come speak to the class about his tribe. Daniel's has a dream that he can't figure out until his mom gets a call that his dad has been hurt. Is his dad okay? Does Daniel's experience at school change?

This is a very good tool to use for a child that is in the same situation. I wish I had this to read when I was a child. I can relate to going to a new school and being made fun of for being different. I would definately have my oldest son read this book to help him through his school years of middle school.

As an extension, I would have the children write about a time that they felt like they didn't belong. I would also use this to start a research project about different indian tribes. I would have the children tell about one of the folktales they find out about a different tribe and then compare it to the one in the book.
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LibraryThing member aevans1
I read the Eagle song and it was o.k. I didn't like it a lot,but it wasn't horrible either. I like the way his dad told him not to worry about what other people think. Because I got picked on a lot.
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
When fourth-grader Danny Bigtree and his family move to the city from their Mohawk reservation in upstate New York, he quickly finds that he is the odd-man-out at his Brooklyn school. Not sure how to make friends, or how to deal with the ridicule of his peers, Danny turns to his father's stories of the Iroquois peacemaker, Aionwahta, for inspiration.

An engaging story of a young boy struggling to find his way in a strange new environment, Eagle Song is a brief chapter-book that should appeal both to newly urbanized American Indians, and to any young reader who has experienced the trauma of a move. As always, Joseph Bruchac delivers an authentic story that stays true to its specific cultural roots, while offering a message that will resonate with a broader readership.
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LibraryThing member JoanAxthelm
The part I liked best was the retelling of the Native American folklore. The story focuses on coping and surviving through change and challenge.

Lexile: 680
LibraryThing member twojtak
I found this book interesting and sad.




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