Leonardo Da Vinci: Giants of Science

by Kathleen Krull

Other authorsBoris Kulikov (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2005



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Viking Books for Young Readers (2005), Hardcover, 128 pages. Purchased in 2007. $15.99.


For more than thirty years-half his life-he was obsessively devoted to investigating Everything in the natural world. Nothing escaped his interest-how our eyes see, why the sky is blue, what forces build mountains, how light travels, where water comes from, and-most fascinating of all to Leonardo-the inner workings of the human body. Nothing stopped him. It was illegal to dissect human corpses, so he did autopsies in secret, even devising a clever way to slice through eyeballs (notoriously squishy!). Scrupoulously researched and juicily anecdotal, Kathleen Krull's portrait of Leonardo will not only change children's ideas of who he was, but also what it means to be a scientist.


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128 p.; 8.38 inches


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LibraryThing member virginiahomeschooler
This book gives an informative glimpse into the life of a fascinating man. Because it's geared toward children, the style is easily readable, and it's not bogged down with heavily descriptive information. You get the facts in a clear conversational tone. Some might question the kid-friendliness of the book, and if you're concerned perhaps read it yourself before handing it to a younger child (pre-teen). It explores certain aspects of his personal life that some might feel are inappropriate, but it's not discussed at length, and the events that it talks of do seem to be somewhat of a catalyst for da Vinci's subsequent behavior and attitude towards others and therefore worthy of mentioning.
If you're interested in learning about the art of Leonardo da Vinci, this is probably not the book for you - it delves more into the scientific aspects of his life and career. But as an engaging biography of a man clearly ahead of his time, it is superb.
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