Kids Knitting: Projects for Kids of all Ages

by Melanie Falick

Other authorsChris Hartlove (Photographer), Kristin Nicholas (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1998



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746.4 Fal

Call number

746.4 Fal

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746.4 Eal



Artisan (1998), Edition: UNABRIDGED VERSION, 128 pages


Provides step-by-step instructions covering the basic stitches, knitting tools, and finger-knitting, with directions for twelve easy projects.


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128 p.; 8.26 inches


1885183763 / 9781885183767



User reviews

LibraryThing member emmacrew
A surprisingly good how-to-knit book.
LibraryThing member ShawnMarie
Saw this book featured on TV and had it on my wish list at PBS forever. Love the easy projects and ideas for getting kids involved in knitting. I hope by the time my younger kids are able to handle needles that I'll know how to knit well enough to teach them.
LibraryThing member sonyagreen
This is the book I'd buy for a kid who wants to learn to knit. Heck, I'd suggest it as the first book for an adult who wants to learn to knit too. There's a section on how to knit, and then patterns that use the skills explained.

The increase in difficulty for patterns doesn't have a big jump (knit a scarf, then knit a sweater), and the patterns are wearable/useful.

This one book would get you pretty far--meaning you could become a fairly proficient knitter using the explanations and patterns in this book, without having to go find other books.

Caveat: I haven't knit any of the patterns, so I don't know how readable/clear they are.
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LibraryThing member kkluttz
I bought this book for myself as an adult when I was teaching myself to knit. The projects are appealing, the instructions simple (with BIG diagrams), and the colors are cheerful. Now that I am moving on to more advanced knitting, it's not really sufficient as a reference book, but it was a great starting point for me.
LibraryThing member jbarr5
Kids Knitting
Lots of useful information about how to start knitting. Great projects for kids to learn the craft.
Love the charity aspect of this book. Tips along the way. Liked hearing the traditional patterns used by other countries around the world.
Lots of possibilities with different patterns are included.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
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LibraryThing member KSchimmel
The best book, hands down, for teaching knitting. I've used it with kids from age 9 on up. I also recommend it for adults who don't have anyone around to help them learn, because the illustrations are superb.
LibraryThing member Maiasaura
I was given this book as a child when I first started knitting, and it has served me well even as I have gotten older. It explains techniques clearly and has good illustrations. The full-color photos of, well, kids knitting, lend good cheer to the book. It contains a number of projects suitable for both children and the adult beginner, and it's a great reference to have. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for an introduction to knitting.… (more)




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