It's Raining Pigs & Noodles

by Jack Prelutsky

Other authorsJames Stevenson (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2000



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Greenwillow Books (2000), Edition: 1st, 160 pages


A collection of humorous poems such as "The Dancing Hippopotami," "You Can't Make Me Eat That," "My Father's Name is Sasquatch," and "Dear Wumbledeedumble."


Utah Beehive Book Award (Nominee — Poetry — 2003)
Children's Favorites Awards (Selection — 2001)


Original language


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160 p.; 7.25 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member Kaylinn_Hall
This book is an awesome book full of different kinds of poems. It has an awesome index in the back so the children could easily find the poem they like, and this book has beautiful illustrations to go right along with the poem.

I loved these types of books when I was little. I especially liked poems
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like I Am Stuck Inside A Seashell, because I has the shape of a seashell, and is not just in column form. I found these poems neat and exciting.

I thought that a great classroom activity with the students would be to have them create a poem in the shape of what the poem is about. For example, the poem on page 60 called We're Perched Upon A Star. It is in the shape of a star. I also thought that as a class we could write a poem, and they could explode it onto a big sheet of paper, draw some illustrations, and hang it on the door.
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LibraryThing member Khp24
This book of poems provides the reader with some fun poetry and simple illustrations. The reader will be able to stay engaged by the variations of poem structures.
LibraryThing member besavage
A book of poems. I could use this to introduce poems to my class. I could also use a certain poem out of it for my lesson.
LibraryThing member MalissaLojszczyk
This large book of poems features rhymes that are playful, whimsical and silly. They will appeal to children and to the child in most adults.
LibraryThing member LainaBourgeois
This collection of humorous poems features such works as "The Dancing Hippopotami", "You Can't Make Me Eat That", "My Father's Name is Sasquatch", and "Dear Wumbledeedumble".
LibraryThing member 1212bec
Fun, humerous poems that children will love. My favorites are: Zigzag, Hiccup and Never Never Disagree.
LibraryThing member jaimie919
"My Parents have the Flu Today," and "I took a Sip of Water" are two of my favorite poems. This book will have you smiling, laughing, and wanting to read it over and over again. It is written and illustrated in a unique and fun way. Each poem is shapped to match the theme of the poem. Children will
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love this book. This is great book to have children read introducing poetry. Its very easy to read and will make kids really enjoy poetry.
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LibraryThing member MichelleForestier
Is a rhyming child's poetry book about absurd thoughts. It will allow children to use their imaginations and also enjoy goofy text. I would use this book when teaching poetry that it can be fun!, it is fun poetry that will keep the kids attention and it not hard to understand
LibraryThing member afussell
A collection of funny poetry with funny illustrations. I would read this to students if we were studying poetry. Or when I feel the students need a little break, I would read it to bring their spirit up.
LibraryThing member EmilySadler
I think this collection of poems is great for children because they are short, clear, and incorporate humor. Humor is a major characteristic of Jack Prelutsky poems. Kids will enjoy these poems because they can relate to the subjects and are able to understand the jokes. He also uses made up words,
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which are good for teaching pronunciation. The rhyming helps young readers to guess what word is next. This expands on their sight word vocabulary. The only aspect I did not like was the large about of vocabulary that students are not familiar with and are not easy to define. The first line of one of the poems was “A fetching young gnu had a penchant for song.” I do not think any elementary student would be familiar with “fetching,” “gnu”, or “penchant,” nor would I be able to define them on the spot. Overall, I really enjoyed these short and funny poems and I would use this book in my future classroom.
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LibraryThing member kwander
Summary: This book is incredible for younger readers. The author plays with language a lot in this book. Puns, jokes and word play is endured in this poetry book. He uses a lot of sillines through out his books to interact with children.

Personal Reaction: I will use his books in my future classroom
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because they let children expand their imaginations and that was my favorite thing as a child.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. Discuss the silly things told in the poem
2. Have the students get into groups and discuss their favorite part of the book
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LibraryThing member jrudnick
This poetry book would be a great way to introduce poetry and rhyming words. The best ages would be grades 2 & 3rd grade. Students will like this book with the funny pictures and rhyming words. It could be read aloud but the teacher must read them first, some of the poems are different and weird.
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One example is the poem "My Best Friend" it has the best friends hurting or have something injured.
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LibraryThing member rhoadesm1
Even elementary school students who hate poetry will enjoy Prelutsky's humorous poems. To wit:

See What Happened!

See what happened! Hapless Peter
turned into a parking meter.
On the curb he stands all day,
wishing dogs would go away.
LibraryThing member librarybird08
The author of numerous hilarious poetry books, Prelutsky does not disappoint in the book with zany illustrations.
LibraryThing member campbell_m76
This book includes over 100 rhymes and poems by Jack Prelutsky and illustrated by James Stevenson. These poems are silly and zany, something most. young elementary students love in poetry!




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