The Jedera Adventure

by Lloyd Alexander

Paperback, 1990



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PB Ale

Call number

PB Ale

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PB Ale




Yearling (1990), 160 pages


The further adventures of Vesper Holly and her faithful guardian Brinny as they travel to the remote country of Jedera where they brave many dangers trying to return a valuable book borrowed many years ago by Vesper's father.


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160 p.; 5.5 x 0.5 inches

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LibraryThing member heidialice
Vesper Holly drags Brinnie, her guardian, through a series of dangerous Northern African cities, trying to return a long-overdue library book. They escape kidnap, being sold as slaves and liberate a city.

I remember Vesper as a supremely feisty red-head from my childhood, but it turns out she is an
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intelligent and daring brunette. Ah, well. The adventures are set in the late 1800s and play off historical events but happen in fictional places. I’m not sure I care for having the tales narrated through stodgy Brinnie’s eyes, he reminds me of a not-trying-to-be-so-funny (thankfully) C-3PO. I’ve adored Lloyd Alexander and will devour the rest of these I’m sure. Saving the Taran books for when I can really enjoy them!
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LibraryThing member navelos
This series is probably more fun when read in order and when you're about 11. Although the adventure is enjoyable I found the heroine a little too confident and the villain too random.
LibraryThing member soraki
Vesper and Brinnie travel to the French colony of Jedera in northern Africa to return an overdue library book that her father had checked out years ago. In Jedera, they encounter camels, French soldiers, desert tribesmen, and the villainous Dr. Helvitius. Will Vesper be able to prevent Helvitius
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from unleashing his diabolical invention on the world?
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