Amelia Takes Command (Amelia (American Girl Paperback))

by Marissa Moss

Paperback, 1999



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PB Ame

Call number

PB Ame

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PB Ame


American Girl (1999), 40 pages


After successfully commanding the Discovery shuttle mission at Space Camp, Amelia returns to fifth grade where she deals with the bully who has been making her life miserable.


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40 p.; 8.25 x 0.25 inches


1562477889 / 9781562477882



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LibraryThing member zfrid
I absolutely love this book and the message within. The book begins with Amelia starting fifth grade and being excited to see the friends she made last year. Unfortunately, the friends she thought she had aren't as friendly this year and Amelia gets hurt. Thankfully she is still friends with Nadia (her best friend from her old school) and is invited to join Nadia at Space Camp over winter break. I like the message that some friends will always be your friend no matter the distance between each other. I liked that when Amelia got to Space Camp, the boys in her group didn't think she could do anything because she was a girl but she proved them wrong. Another strong message in this book is to be strong and fight for what you want. Amelia wanted to be commander and didn't let the boys bully her into giving up what she wanted. During one mission, something went wrong and the team had to work together to figure out the problem and land safely. The boys in the group started freaking out and yelling at each other and Amelia gained confidence and took control of the situation and delegated tasks to the other team members. They ended up winning the award for most successful mission. With her new found confidence, Amelia went back to school to face the girl who was bullying her and stood up to her. She also made new friends and everything turned out okay. There are many messages in this book, but I believe the big message is to not let bullies get to you and stand up for yourself because only you can determine what matters to yourself.… (more)




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