Igraine The Brave

by Cornelia Funke

Hardcover, 2007



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Chicken House (2007), 224 pages


The daughter of two magicians, twelve-year-old Igraine wants nothing more than to be a knight, and when their castle is attacked by a treacherous neighbor bent on stealing their singing magic books, Igraine has an opportunity to demonstrate her bravery.


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224 p.; 8.14 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member beserene
Cornelia Funke, despite living on a different continent, has a great deal in common with Shannon Hale (see other reviews); she writes bright, ambitious young women as central characters, usually heroines, and gives them marvelous adventures in which to prove and build themselves. You may know Funke
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from her wonderful Inkheart and Inkspell novels, but in this shorter, younger book, we find a simpler, sillier and utterly charming story. Igraine, like many of the young readers who identify with her, wants to be a knight -- an urge which, even as an adult, I totally understand, because who doesn't want to ride a charger and be able to wield a sword? Remarkably and delightfully, she succeeds in both familiar and unexpected ways. This is the perfect novel for readers who might be a little young for the darker themes of the Ink books, but still want to experience fantastic characters and adventures.
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LibraryThing member jessicacl
A girl who wants to be a knight but her parents and her annoying older brother do not agree. Her parents are the best magicians in the land. When her parents turn themselves into pigs while trying to make her birthday present, Igraine has to travel on a horse to find the Gaint Garleff. Great book
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for 3rd-6th grade.
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LibraryThing member tjsjohanna
I quite enjoyed this tale of Igraine the Brave. She is a gutsy girl who just wants to be a knight. She has absent-minded magical parents. She learns the importance of honor and bravery and integrity. I might even consider adding it to my physical library!
LibraryThing member johnlobe
Igraine the Brave provides a fun and offbeat twist on the classic knights defending a castle tale. Igraine serves as the young knight. As the defence of her family's home falls to Igraine and her brother, there are plenty of opportunities for family dynamics and self-realization to provide depth to
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the imaginative, fairytale elements. Funke's own illustrations are an essential part of the story telling.
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LibraryThing member oapostrophe
It's Igraine's twelfth birthday and her family of magician's are preparing her magical present. Something goes a bit awry and her parents accidentally turn themselves into pigs. This comes at a very bad time as their neighboring castle has been taken over by Osmund the Greedy and his side-kick
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Rowan the Heartless who want to steal the magical books from her family.

Igraine wants to become a knight more than anything. Certainly more than a magician like her parents and brother. In this adventure Igraine takes daring steps to save her family and defeat the baddies, meeting up with the Sorrowful Knight on the way.
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LibraryThing member paakre
Am not sure about Cornelia Funke's writing style, so buoyant and insistent on fun. Her plots and devices are first rate, but her characterization is scarcely believable. Is that not required even in a fantasy? Things really pick up with the character of the Giant and the Sorrowful Knight. By then
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Igraine has gotten out of the castle and been able to prove herself worthy of the book's title. The second half of the book merits five stars. I love the pictures of the irritable books as they show their impatience and boredom.
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LibraryThing member LaurenWilliams
Funke is an amazing writer. Her books are engaging with full characters - no stock characters in her books! Her language is rich with descriptions. Many of her books are hard for younger readers. Igraine is not. It is perfect for elementary school-aged children from about 3rd grade on. Older grades
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will be able to read on their own, younger, perhaps as a read-aloud. The illustrations are attractive and enticing. And the short chapters will keep younger readers turning the pages. It is a very fun book and a great introduction to this incredible author.
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LibraryThing member mjsbooks
12-year-old Igraine and her brother get the chance to save their castle from a dastardly new neighbor when their parents, both magicians, turn into pigs from a spell gone awry. Great supporting characters, especially the Sorrowful Knight and the Magic Books.
LibraryThing member sonam_soni
Great Cornelia Funke book for a younger crowd (though I enjoyed it also :). Igraine needs to go on an adventure to save her parents (who, while using magic to make her bday present, turned themselves into pigs), their magic books and the kingdom from an evil/greedy seige.
LibraryThing member lquilter
Read this one to my not-quite-5yo. I liked the concept more than the execution. Maybe it's the translation? Or maybe it's that the erstwhile girl-knight is still trained by a male knight, who rescues female princesses, from male villains. And all the magical creatures and animals were pretty much
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all gendered male, unnecessarily IMO.

But Igraine herself, and her relationship with her older magically adept (mostly) brother, is quite charming. And a lot of the details (like the neighboring noblewoman's penchant for spicy mead) were charming.
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LibraryThing member Salsabrarian
Narrated by Xanthe Elbrick. Twelve-year-old Igraine longs to be a courageous knight of honor but for now she's just a twelve-year-old practicing to be a knight. Her courage comes to the test when, after her magician parents accidentally turn themselves into pigs, the castle comes under siege by
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Greedy Osmund who is intent on acquiring the magicians' magic books. On a quest to get strands of a giant's hair to help change her parents back, Igraine meets the Sorrowful Knight. Together the two are instrumental in saving the family castle from Greedy Osmund. Although I found the magicking a little too plot-convenient at times, I did enjoy narrator Elbrick's lively interpretation. Her British accent gave the story extra-medieval flavor!
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LibraryThing member melydia
Igraine, daughter of two of the most powerful magicians of all time, wants to be a knight. When her parents accidentally turn themselves into pigs just as their castle is about to be under attack, Igraine finds herself suddenly faced with the knightly challenges she'd always dreamed about. It's
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cute and I might have enjoyed it as a young child, but as an adult it was something I'd never experienced before in a Funke novel: predictable and kind of boring.
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LibraryThing member 2wonderY
I had fairly high hopes, but I found the material extremely middling. Did not connect with any of the characters, as that's what they remained.
LibraryThing member Robinsonstef
A fast and fun read. Perfect for anyone who enjoys knights, castles, magic,and jousts. The story has lots of quirky characters and spells. I like that Igraine wants to pursue her dreams of becoming a knight even though some people (not her family) tell her it's not for girls.
LibraryThing member amandabock
I enjoyed this so much more than I expected to. The cover art is really unappealing. I like the British one so much more. Apparently this was originally published in German in 1998 but only just translated. I can see some of my second graders picking this one up after we finish [book: The Castle in
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the Attic].
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LibraryThing member bardbooks
Excellent young reader tale with positive messaging for girls.
LibraryThing member Bookslesstravelled
I did not like the book. Not my style
LibraryThing member Yona
Lovely story. This is now one of my favorite childrens' stories and Cornilia Funke is officially one of my favorite authors. She did all the illustrations too. This was a very fun experience.

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