Peter und der Wolf

by Sergei Prokofjew

Paperback, 2008



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Beltz GmbH, Julius (2008), Edition: Neuauflage.


Retells the orchestral fairy tale of the boy who, ignoring his grandfather's warnings, proceeds to capture a wolf.


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5.87 inches


3407760485 / 9783407760487



User reviews

LibraryThing member johnlobe
Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf is reworked visually and narratively by Chris Raschka. The book makes a good read-aloud with many parts, fun repetition and interesting word sequences. Children will especially enjoy the 3-dimensional miniatures that Raschka created.
LibraryThing member esproull
Peter’s Grandfather warns him not to go into the forest, and when Peter doesn’t listen and goes anyways, he gets caught. While in the forest, Peter looks over a wall and sees a wolf that is eating a duck and chasing a bird and cat. The bird and Peter work together and capture the wolf in the end.
LibraryThing member Desirichter
I expected to love this book....and I didn't :) I really wanted to see how Rashcka would handle this "jazz standard" of the elementary music classroom. I can't say that I was disappointed as much as disinterested in the verbal aesthetic. The artwork was incredible. I felt like Rashcka missed his audience a bit with this book - placing too many silly words on a page and overdoing the effect. Younger elementary kids would find that the book moves to slowly. Older kids might be put off by the voice. I do love any way to re-imagine this lesson which, when I'm teaching, can easily feel like I'm offering my students twice-warmed Dinty-Moore stew.

Taking into account my own reader response (one sleepy mid-afternoon reader here), I think it's only fair to Raschka that I read this book again, and aloud before striking my gavel too hard and declaring it guilty of inducing snoozes.
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LibraryThing member ghr4
This is a wonderfully charming telling and depiction of Serge Prokofieff's classic musical tale for children. Chappell's illustrations are delightful and Holland's calligraphy sublime. The inclusion of the familiar musical theme passages for each character at appropriate points within the text effectively plants the aural element in the reader's mind. And the foreword by renowned Boston Symphony Orchestra conductor Serge Koussevitzky further serves to stamp this edition as "definitive."… (more)
LibraryThing member wunderlong88
Classic story with charming illustrations. Be sure to find a music to listen to after reading.


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