Canada (Enchantment of the World. Second Series)

by Liz Sonneborn

Hardcover, 2011



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971 Son



Childrens Pr (2011), 144 pages


Introduces our northern neighbor, its history, geography, government, economy, plants and animals, people, and culture.

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144 p.; 8 x 0.5 inches


0531253511 / 9780531253519



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LibraryThing member jspare2
I really enjoyed this book! I thought that Sonneborn did a great job of talking all about Canada! Even thought I visit Canada four times a year, I still learned more from this book than I have from all of my lifetime visits. I enjoyed that she spent a brief amount of time talking about the history
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of Canada, yet still provided us with enough knowledge to understand the history and Canada was able to gain their independence. There were many pictures throughout the book that were authentic pictures. I thought that it was very helpful that Sonneborn included multiple charts and translations in the book. The book includes multiple extra textual features, for example on page 25 there is a chart with all of the geographical sites that are named after European explore. I like how Sonneborn talked about the different territories and providences in Canada and how the people of the nation live differently. On page113, Sonneborn compared life in Alberta to Toronto. Also, at the end of the book she included a timeline of important Canadian events, an index and a place for students to find out more information.
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