The Wild Christmas Reindeer

by Jan Brett

Paperback, 1990



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E Bre




Scholastic (1990)


After a few false starts, Teeka discovers the best way to get Santa's reindeer ready for Christmas Eve.


Flicker Tale Award (Nominee — Picture Books — 1995)


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10.1 inches

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LibraryThing member taterzngravy
It is December first. Santa asks Teeka to get the reindeer ready for to fly on Christmas Eve. Through words and pictures, Jan Brett tells of Teeka struggle to make the reindeer cooperate, and the changes Teeka herself go through. This addition to the Santa tale is refreshing in that the art is of
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Nordic culture, giving children a lot of detail to look at and talk about.
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LibraryThing member llarson09
Genre: Fantasy

Review: The author of this story has written and illustrated stories that are similar in the artwork. This story in particular is a fantasy because even though it has to do with a popular folktale of Santa and Christmas, this story is revolved around Santa's reindeer. Because the
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reindeer in this story can fly, the story is considered to be a fantasy.

Media: Paints, colored pencil
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LibraryThing member gaylagoff
Wonderful book. I used this in my Christmas Unit when I taught. It has Russian Nesting Dolls.
LibraryThing member cegordon
This Christmas story is about an elf named Teeka who trains with reindeer. Teeka struggles with helping them preparing for Christmas. Instead of helping them, Teeka orders them around and gets frustrated. Eventually, Teeka asks for an apology and the reindeer accepts. They become really good
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friends. Teeka helps the reindeer learn and prepare to fly on Christmas Eve with Santa.
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LibraryThing member clstone
'The Wild Christmas Reindeer' by Jan Brett has beautiful folk art illustrations and tells a wonderful Christmas story. Teeka is ready for Christmas and needs to get the reindeer ready for Santa's important flight. As Teeka tries to get them ready she ends up being too bossy and overbearing in turn
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causing the reindeer to tangle their antlers. Teeka realizes her mistake and the story ends happily with Santa's flight being successful for Christmas.
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LibraryThing member bamabreezin4
This book was not my favorite, but again, her picture borders were an interesting addition to the story. The "kindness to animals" and patience themes were good ones for kids.
LibraryThing member Randalea
A romantic look at Christmas using traditional characters and clothing from the North Pole. Brett creatively weaves the story in an Advent calendar.
LibraryThing member EYskollari
Teeka promised Santa that she would get all the Reindeers ready for Christmas. She was having some trouble though because she couldn't get them to listen to her. She tried everything. Then one day the Reindeer got in a little trouble and Teeka noticed that this whole time she had been yelling at
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them all she needed to do was treat them nicely. Once she spoke calmly she was able to do all her chores and help the Reindeers get ready for Santa.
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LibraryThing member mrsarey
A very cute story about Teeka and her attempts to get the reindeer ready for Christmas.
LibraryThing member matthewbloome
This story of learning to respect each other even when you are a leader is a well told Christmas tale. It's a quick, easy read that is highly enjoyable. I read it with a second grade and they enjoyed it.
LibraryThing member suefitz1
Title: The Wild Christmas Reindeer

Author: Jan Brett

Genre: Children’s

Challenges: PB & J Challenge, 101 Books in 1001 Days Challenge, A to Z Reading Challenge, The Year Of Readers – 2009, Pages Read Challenge, Young Reader's Challenge 2009, Read a Book a Month Challenge, Summer Vacation Reading
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Challenge 2009, Summer Reading Challenge 2009, 2009 Support Your Local Library, 20 Books in 2009, 100 Reading Challenge – 2009, Christmas in July, What an Animal II, August Reading Challenge

Rating: 4/5

No. of Pages: 32

Published: 1990

From the inside cover: This Year Santa asks Teeka to get his reindeer ready to fly on Christmas Eve. She’s happy but a little worried too. She’s never workd with the reindeer before and she’s not sure they’ll want to come in from the tundra, where they run wild and free.

Once she finds them, Teeka’s strong hand does more harm than good, and soon the reindeer are wilder than they were before she began training them. How will she ever get them ready to pull Santa’s sleigh on time?

Mine: Beautifully illustrated book. Teeka finally gets the picture and when she tries to kindly train the deer they finally do cooperate. Teeka feels the pressure, since these are Santa’s best reindeer.

Just in time the reindeer to come around so that Santa can deliver his presents on time.
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LibraryThing member ekbrumley
This unusual take on the age old story of Santa and his reindeer is perfect for teaching character traits, problem resolution, sequencing and more. It would also be a fun read if the class were studying how Christmas and other holidays are celebrated in other countries.
LibraryThing member magarcia
The story teaches how to respect each other when you are the leader with a well told christmas tale. It's a easy yet enjoyable read not only for students but also for adults.
LibraryThing member weston7707
This story has beautiful illustrations of Sweden. Teeka, a little Swedish girl, helps to get Santa's reindeer ready!
LibraryThing member kes030
Great book about christmas and has a many interesting pictures. Main character learns how to not be bossy, could be great book to talk about character traits or expression.
LibraryThing member Whisper1
Brecht is one of my favorite illustrators. Her clear, crisp, lovely images are incredibly rendered.

Teeka needs to get the wild reindeer in shape and ready for Santa's sleigh. When she calls them back from the wild, she has a difficult time making them behave. Shouting, and yelling only causes the
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deer to rebel, storm and lock their horns.

When she discovers a softer tone is appreciated by the reindeer, she is able to brush and carroul them in place.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
Little Teeka thought she had to be firm with the reindeer to get them ready for Santa's important flight, but when her bossy yelling only got their antlers tangled up, she knew she had to try something different.
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
When Teeka is given the task of preparing the reindeer for Santa's sleigh, the little elf takes her task seriously, convinced that she must be firm with her fleet-hoofed charges. But her bossy ways, and ignorance of how the herd is organized - she doesn't realize that Tundra is the leader, and
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should be paired with Twilight, for instance - leads to quite a tangle. It takes a quiet voice and gentleness to tame these wild Christmas reindeer...

Originally published in 1990, and then reissued in this 20th Anniversary Edition in 2010, The Wild Christmas Reindeer is one of many holiday picture-books from author/illustrator Jan Brett. The story itself is engaging, and the artwork (as is usually the case with this illustrator) is absolutely gorgeous. The reindeer are beautifully captured, and I loved the way in which Brett depicted more of the story - specifically, the preparations the other elves are making for the upcoming holiday - in the side panels. This sort of detailed work is something for which she is known. Recommended to anyone looking for children's stories about Santa's home at the North Pole, and the preparations that go on there for Christmas Eve, as well as to all fans of Jan Brett's artwork.
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