Mixtures and Compounds (Library of Science)

by Alastair Smith

Paperback, 2002



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E.D.C. Publishing (2002), 64 pages


A guide to the science behind familiar substances, like plastics and paint. It covers the latest kinds of compounds, such as ultra-strong fibres used in spacesuits. Also included are activities, facts and figures, a glossary, revision questions, and links to over 100 relevant Web sites.


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64 p.; 10.9 inches

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LibraryThing member JessicaMurphree
This book tells about the different mixtures and compounds of elements. This book gives the meaning of definitions and also gives example for each mixture or compound. The pages in this book are all different colors. In the back of the book, it gives you charts which are useful as a student or
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I would definitely use this in a science classroom. This would be a great tool for reenforcing a lesson. I think most students would like reading this type of book. This I believe would help students understand the topics more if they are struggling with these topics to began with.

I would give this book a rating of 5. One of my concentration areas is science. I love science. This is a great book to have in the classroom. I believe this book is a great enhancement for students to read after they have studied this subject. Mixtures and compounds can be very confusing to some students. The pages in this book are different colors and also at the back of the book are tables that are very helpful to students. In the book, there are bolded words. The bolded words you really need to pay close attention to. Also, there are pictures and diagrams in this book. This book is also Internet - linked. On each page it gives you the student the internet link and it tells you what task each website has. This would be good book for students in upper elementary school thru college aged students.
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LibraryThing member LauraMcKinion
This is a fantastic informational book about chemestry. A student can pick this book up and begin reading on any page and learn some aspect of chemistry. The pictures and illustrations are great and really add to the content the book is trying to teach. Love the fact that it is internet linked.
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Students can go to any recommended internet site and learn more about the subject they are reading. Fantastic science book!
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