Nature's World of Wonders

by Ron Fisher

Other authorsLoren McIntyre (Photographer), Paul Chesley (Photographer), Georg Gerster (Photographer), George F. Mobley (Photographer), David Austen (Photographer)
Hardcover, 1983



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National Geographic Society (1983), Edition: 1st, 200 pages


Describes natural wonders on all seven continents, including Victoria Falls and the Nile in Africa, the Alps in Europe, the Yangtze Gorges and Himalayas in Asia, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, glaciers in Antarctica, the Everglades and Death Valley in North America, and Angel Falls and the Amazon in South America.


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200 p.; 10 inches

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LibraryThing member Czrbr
Book Description: Reader's Digest, 1993. 460pp quarto. Color photo hardback. Many fine color photo plates and illustrations throughout.
LibraryThing member shabacus
A reasonable coffee table book, with the usual stunning pictures of natural wonders. There's nothing particularly remarkable, at least not compared with what you might get in a more recent book, but it's fun to flip through. I wish there had been more information about the places mentioned, as well
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as directions for further information.

Recommendation: Pick it up if it's cheap, or just flip through and see if any of the photos particularly grip you.
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LibraryThing member Heather19
A book full of wonderful, awe-inspiring photographs of some of nature's beauties. From Antarctica to Australia, from Asia to the Americas, this book explores all sorts of interesting places.
LibraryThing member keylawk
This is a compilation of great writers and more than 125 spectacular color photographs. The work bears witness to the sacred beauty of nature, and the traces made by wind and water, fire and ice. From Iceland's glaciated and active volcanoes, to a journey over 5000 miles up the rift valley system
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from Zambezi to the Dead Sea. Magical mazes in the Caves, and lively lovely Barrier Reef. (The world is sacred, and now only human appreciation can save it from human defilement.)
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LibraryThing member mahallett
things well chosen




½ (16 ratings; 3.5)
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