The Easter Egg

by Jan Brett

Hardcover, 2010



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E Bre




G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers (2010), Edition: First Edition, 32 pages


Hoppi the bunny wants to win the egg-decorating contest so the Easter Bunny will choose him to help distribute Easter eggs, but instead, while everyone else is working on their decorations, he finds himself guarding an egg that has fallen from a robin's nest.


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32 p.; 10.5 inches

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LibraryThing member mlcrofford
The book is about a young rabbit who gets to join in on the decorating the eggs this year. If he wins the contest he gets to help the Easter Rabbit deliver the eggs. Hoppi, the bunny, cannot decide what to paint on his egg. This book would be good around Easter time for students. The illustrations
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are beautiful and fun to look at all the different eggs. Jan Brett has a great website that offers coloring pages and much more.
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LibraryThing member fnborries
This is a great book about Easter with a moral lesson. It is Easter time and all the rabbits are making Easter eggs for the Easter bunny. Hoppi wants to find the perfect egg and make the best one. When he was out looking for an egg to decorate he saw a robin egg. He knew he had to do the right
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thing and protect it and keep it warm until it hatched. For doing the right thing Hoppi is rewarded for his bravery and courage.
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LibraryThing member simonl
This book like all of Jan Brett's book has the detailed border around the pages telling part of the story. Lots of creative ideas of creating the perfect Easter Egg were shared by the different rabbits. The plot weakened when the fallen Robin's egg was introduced. The lesson or message was lost
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because the initial theme of being creative was thwarted by a message of altruism.
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LibraryThing member allawishus
As is typical with most of Brett's work, this title is absolutely gorgeous. The details in the decorated eggs, the subtle changes in flowers around each page's picture frames, each hair on each rabbit! - all of it is sublime and beautiful. Going through one of her books almost causes
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over-stimulation of your visual cortex - there's so much to look at!

In this title, Hoppi visits all his rabbit friends looking for an idea of how to decorate his Easter egg for the annual egg decorating competition. This gives us the opportunity to appreciate how diversely and interestingly each rabbit has chosen to decorate his or her eggs. All are gorgeous - some very intricate, others beautiful in their simplicity. There's a slight twist to the ending as Hoppi cares for a fallen robin's egg and ends up winning the Easter Rabbit's "best egg" contest. All around lovely, but noted especially for its art.
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LibraryThing member JHamm
Great book to read in the spring time or around Easter.It makes you want to decorate some easter eggs and cuddle with a little bunny!Ending is unexpected and throughout the book it keeps you guessing.
LibraryThing member mjhartley
Good book for children around Easter.
LibraryThing member achatela
The Easter Egg tells the story about a bunny named Hoppi. Hoppi wants to win the egg decorating contest so he can help Easter Rabbit hide eggs on Easter morning. The bunny hops around seeing what all the other bunnies are doing to their eggs. Along the way he gets left over scraps from the other
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bunnies. While thinking about what to do Hoppi sees that a bird egg fell out of its nest. He then realizes what he must do, he must protect the egg until it hatches. In the end Hoppi's cracked egg was the winner. The story shows that people always know what is the right thing to do and that's exactly what Hoppi did.
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LibraryThing member mcalcagno
I love Jan Brett books they are beautiful. I liked the overall message of kindness and giving that this story has.
LibraryThing member SJoachim
Hoppi the rabbit doesn't know what kind of egg to enter in the Easter Bunny's contest. He looks around at everyone else's eggs, and they are beautiful. He lays under a tree and thinks about what he should do, and he sees a robin egg fall from its nest. He knows that he must keep it warm until it
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hatches. This kind deed does not go unnoticed by the Easter Bunny. An excellent book to use when teaching children about selflessness.
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LibraryThing member Kitrina
This book is about a bunny who is very excited for Easter and wants to make the most beautiful egg but gets distracted by a robin's egg that he decides to take care of and keep warm. This book is good to have in the classroom around Easter and shows students that just because you're egg is
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beautiful doesn't mean that it is the best. This is suitable for grades 1-3.
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LibraryThing member MadeleinePemberton
The Easter Egg tells the story of a rabbit named Hoppi who desperately wants to win an Easter egg decorating competition so he can help the Easter Rabbit hide eggs for the holiday. Hoppi sees all the other rabbits each decorating beautiful and unique eggs but in the end it is Hoppi who wins the
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competition by keeping a mother robin's egg safe until it hatches. I like this book for its sweet storyline and unbelievably beautiful and intricate illustrations. I think this book is suitable for Grades K-4 and would fit the theme if I was teaching the benefits of kindness and caring for others. I also really would love to include it in a unit focused on Jan Brett as an illustrator.
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LibraryThing member Whisper1
I tremendously enjoy the artistry of Jan Brett. While her pages are filled with many images, it never appears overcrowded.

In particular, I found this to be one of her finest.
LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
Hoppi the bunny is determined to make the best Easter Egg this year, in the hopes of being chosen to accompany the Easter Bunny on his annual pilgrimage to hide eggs for the children of the world. As he makes his way through Rabbit Town, he encounters many other rabbits working on their own ovate
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creations. From Aunt Sassyfrass, who is crafting a delicious and decorative chocolate egg, to Hans Vanderabbit, who has painted a beautiful portrait of the Easter Bunny on his egg, every rabbit appears to have created a small masterpiece. Wandering into the nearby woods, where he stops to rest and think, Hoppi eventually comes to the realization that while he might not create the best egg ever, he must do the best he can. No sooner does he make this resolution, than he is confronted with a small tragedy: a pretty blue egg has fallen from a robin's nest. Abandoning his plans, Hoppi comes to the rescue, keeping the little egg warm until it is time to hatch. Has he lost all chance of being recognized by the Easter Bunny, or will his egg surprise everyone...?

An immensely sweet little tale, one which pairs a heart-warming narrative that feels rather reminiscent of Dr. Seuss's Horton Hatches the Egg, and beautifully detailed artwork, The Easter Egg is a wonderful holiday picture-book, one which takes a fun holiday tradition and adds a little moral depth. I appreciated the message, implicit in Brett's story, that our acts of kindness, and the good things they accomplish in the world, are our best creation - far more important and more beautiful than the greatest work of art. That said, there is no shortage of beautiful art here, and Brett delivers her usual rich array of intricately detailed animal scenes. She utilizes a variety of breeds of rabbit in her depiction of the residents of Rabbit Town, emphasizing the diversity of types found in the lapine world, and costumes her characters in lovely and diverse clothing styles. As always with her books, the side panels in her artwork add to the rich visual feast she has to offer, and enhance the feeling of looking into a fully realized world. Recommended to anyone looking for good picture-books featuring Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny.
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LibraryThing member Mimarler
Hoppi is hopeful to be this years bunny to help the Easter Bunny hide the Easter Eggs. He goes through town where every type of beautiful egg was being made by all artisans and becomes discouraged. In the end his good deed sets his aside the Easter Bunny selected to help.
LibraryThing member LibrarianRyan
Does Jan Brett ever write a bad story? Seriously? This book was so sweet. The lesson of do the best you can, and remember to think of others is put so well. And the artwork. Seriously amazing as always.






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