Who Was Albert Einstein?

by Jess Brallier

Paperback, 2002



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Grosset & Dunlap (2002), 112 pages


Everyone has heard of Albert Einstein-but what exactly did he do? How much do kids really know about Albert Einstein besides the funny hair and genius label? For instance, do they know that he was expelled from school as a kid? Finally, here's the story of Albert Einstein's life, told in a fun, engaging way that clearly explores the world he lived in and changed.


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LibraryThing member Gabrielle.Detrick
This is an excellent book that is all about Albert Einstein. It introduces this famous scientist to young children that is suited to first-third grade. It is a fun book that not only discusses his accomplishments, but also provides fun and unique facts that children would find funny. This book
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lightens the mood of a typical biography that is told in a fun way that engages students to learn more. The illustrations are whimsical and fun. Overall this book is a must have an any teachers library. Students can pick this up and have fun learning!
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LibraryThing member sarrjd01
I read a biography about Albert Einstein called Who Was Albert Einstein? by Jess Brallier. I chose to read this one because everyone knows who he is. This is a great biography for students because it’s an easy read. The sentences were simple and not too long. I would definitely like to use this
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book in my future classrooms because Albert Einstein was/is a very important scientist.
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LibraryThing member foutm01
This is a great book to have on a classroom library shelf. I think that this book is more for older students rather than younger elementary students. I think that a third grader who likes to read long books would enjoy this. I would have fourth and fifth graders read this book. It is filled with
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fun facts and information about Albert Einstein and his life.
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LibraryThing member samieb24
This is a neat way for children to learn about a scientist in a kid-friendly way. It includes contents of the scientists’ life so that children can go straight to what they want to learn about the scientist. I rate this book 5/5 because it includes pictures and facts that are understandable to a
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LibraryThing member megjwal
Who Was Albert Einstein? By Jessica Brallier

This biography is about the life of inventor Albert Einstein. This book is directed towards what kids do not know about the Einstein as a child. He maybe a famous inventor, but he also got in trouble in school. What was he like before he took up
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inventing? Did he succeed every time?

I like the way this biography is told in a way that would bring kids in. I like that it shows that even if you mess up you can still do great things.

I would have third through fifth graders read this book. I would ask them to make a KWL chart. What they knew before they read it, what they want to know and then after they read it what they learned. I would ask them to state their opinion of biographies and then write down five people they would like to read about three historical and two modern people.
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LibraryThing member Bobby3457
I think that this book would be good for someone to read that likes history about people. This book tells the life of Albert Einstein. He lived until he was 76 years old and in that time he made many discoveries and changed the way that people think. It tells most of the important things that
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happened in his life including him helping in the invention of the atomic bomb. It also tells what he was like and some of his personal life. I think that most people will like this book and finish it if they pick it up and start to read it. It tells where he lived and what made him move why he thought the way that he did and that he was an average person. Even though he was kicked out of his school he is one of the most briliant minds that the world has ever known.
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LibraryThing member Kreho
"Who Was" and "Who Is" books allows students to read about influential people from both the past and present. These books give the readers the most important information and students are better able to recall the most important facts.
LibraryThing member embarnes
We have all heard of Albert Einstein. But did you known he struggled in high school because he was always thinking and questioning his teacher? He publishes his first science paper when he was a teenager. Albert Einstein changed how we saw the world.
I love all the examples this book give on
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explaining Albert Einstein experiments. Children would be able to understand what they are reading about. It is a humorous book that most kids would enjoy reading.
I would have the student do experiments with light using water in a glass, flashlight, and magnifying glass. I would have them wrote or draw ideas that could help prevent wars.
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LibraryThing member RaymondGraham
This is a interesting biography about the life of Albert Einstein one of the smartest men who ever lived. It starts at the beginning where Einstein was born in Germany in 1879, and it goes on to say that he even dropped out of school. But being the genius he is he never gave up and kept pursuing to
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strive for greatness. He became a university professor until he became interested in politics and became immersed in that.

This book will teach people so much about albert einstein, even though I had somewhat of an idea about him I personally learned a lot about him.

This hopefully will superdrive kids to want to study everything and learn everything and that the sky is the limit. Have the kids take turns reading to the class out loud
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LibraryThing member loganbuttram330
This is a great children's book. It is about Albert Einstein's life as well as many of the things he invented. This is a very educational book for students I think this book would be appropriate for any classroom setting. This book is a easy and fun way for students to learn about someone who was
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so important. I feel that books like this keep them more interested instead of just throwing out information at them that they may feel is boring. .
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LibraryThing member mnorth2
This children's book about Albert Einstein is great for children to learn about a man who impacted our lives in history. Einstein was an extremely famous physicist who discovered many famous theories like e=mc^2 and much more. This biography talks about parts of Albert Einsteins life that
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most people do not know about and its very interesting.

This children's book gives kids the perfect amount of information about Albert Einstein. This book is written in a fun and engaging way to capture children's attention. After reading this book, children will not only know of Albert Einstein as the guy with the crazy white hair, but they will know what he did and some of his accomplishments and how they have impacted our lives as well.
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LibraryThing member tbarne9
This was a fun book to read. Usually biographies are boring and not very exciting to me. This one was. One reason it was more interesting to me was because of the language and the way it was written. It was more like story telling then just stating facts. When I read other biographies, sometimes I
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feel like they just throw the facts at me with no real feeling or way to relate. In this story, I can see how a student might be able to relate and enjoy the story. It goes through Einstein's school days and how he never really fit in. Some students might really relate to parts of his life journey. The second reason I liked this book is because of the illustrations. As simple as they are, they still add a lot to the story. They help add feeling and empathy to the story when Einstein is going through school and then happiness and excitement when he experiences his success.
The main point I took away from this story was to always do your best. Even though Einstein was made fun of and was pointed out for being different, he stay himself. He capitalized on his strengths of learning and being the scientific genius he was.
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LibraryThing member aholli3
I enjoyed this chapter book because of the writing and the illustrations. The reason I enjoyed the writing is because although the topics are more advanced, the author did a great job writing at the level in which students will be writing. For example, when the author discusses science concepts,
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she wrote at the appropriate level for her intended audience. Additionally, I enjoyed the illustrations in the book because they were simple, yet detailed enough to portray what the reading was about. When writing chapter books, it is important to avoid distracting the reader from the text, but it is also important to provide a good visual aid. Throughout this book, I believe that the sketches were the perfect happy-medium to complement the story of Einstein's life. For example, The overall idea of this story is to show the readers that although Einstein was a trouble child, and he still able to come back on top and be a significant man in history.
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LibraryThing member sott3
In my opinion, this was a great, easy, informational read for two reasons. First, I enjoyed the organization of the book. The chapters are in sequential order of Einsteins life events from his birth through him becoming one of the most profound scientist to live. Each chapter also has inspirational
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quotes from Einstein which gives readers an extra look into his views on failures and successes. Secondly, I enjoyed the non-fiction elements in within the story such as, facts about Einsteins childhood and background. For example, the book informs readers of his explosion from elementary school, but he was still able to be a successful inventor, as well as him growing up and helping out in his family business: selling batteries and wires. This informational book will inspire its readers to challenge themselves, even in times of adversity.
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LibraryThing member Sarah.Lew
I would use this book to give to my students if they were doing research on a famous person from history. I might even have my students act and dress up like a famous historian. This book is appropriate for third through sixth grade.
LibraryThing member kaip.g1
I did not really enjoy this book because it is a nonfiction. It has no action, no excitement, not anything that would get you hooked on this. This is a great book though if you wanted to find out about his life. It highlights the most important parts of his life. Einstein was born in Berlin,
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Germany, but died in America (Princeton, New Jersey) as an American citizen. He was Jewish and therefore hated the Nazis. He liked Switzerland and moved there in 1895. He thought the people were kind. He was a pacifist and greatly argued against using the atomic bomb as a weapon. At the age of thirteen, he published his first scientific paper. He was popular in America, but the Nazis detested him and vandalized his German home. Albert Einstein was expelled from his high school right before he moved to Switzerland, in 1895. He was married first to Mileva, a brilliant scientist. They had two sons and then divorced. Some have noted that his most amazing achievements happened during his marriage and that Mileva may have had more to do with his success than is recorded. He became a professor of physics at many universities. He married his cousin (ew) in January 1906. Albert Einstein actually did look like a mad scientist with messy hair and partially buttoned clothing. Fun fact; he only buttoned the top button of his coat. He would even forget to eat and sleep and bath! He claimed spending time on those things distracted him from thinking. Reading this was fast, and I learned a lot in a little time. When Einstein died, he had his brain preserved, but the rest of his body cremated. Scientists don't think his brain is that different from other brains but saw that it was larger in some parts.
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LibraryThing member MontzaleeW
Who Was Albert Einstein? by Jess M. Brallier is a terrific book that tells all about his personal life not only his professional life. It tells it in a way that makes this genius a normal guy that is a lovable person from a child to the end. Great job. Lots of great sketches and over 100 pages of
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interesting info packed in this book.
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