Poetry for Young People: Maya Angelou

Hardcover, 2007



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Sterling Pub Co Inc (2007), Edition: First Edition


A collection of poetry written by Maya Angelou.

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10 inches





User reviews

LibraryThing member netaylor
This poetry collection from Maya Angelou, illustrated by Jerome Lagarrigue, includes 24 poems from this amazing poet. Each poem speaks to children on some level, addressing fears, thoughts, experiences, joys, and worries that many children have. The illustrations add to the mood of each poem.
LibraryThing member laurieleewalsh
I really loved the poems in this book, but I think that they may be too old for many elementary students. I think that these poems are mature, sophisticated and excellent discussion starters for middle and high school students. Using one of these poems in a Socratic Seminar format would be one way to use the book.
LibraryThing member shungate
I like how this book though is that it is a retells Maya Angelou’s poems in an effort to make sure that children are able to read them. This poetry book will introduce children to a wonderful poets work. I do not exactly love the artwork but the poetry is the main star of the book.
LibraryThing member kristine.rouska
This was an AMAZING collection of poems. It was completely appropriate for children 8 and older. The illustrations were beautiful, and the poems were captivating.
LibraryThing member hopeevey
A lovely introduction to Maya Angelou's poetry!
LibraryThing member cfranson
A beautiful anthology of poems written by the masterful Maya Angelou with one of my favorites, "Still I Rise". This poem is such an inspiration to young adolescents. The book has definitions of vocabulary that may be unfamiliar to children and reflection questions. The illustrations are beautiful and complement the poetry that only adds to the emotions that the text brings forth.… (more)


(18 ratings; 4.4)
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