Buffalo Hunt

by Russell Freedman

Hardcover, 1988



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978.004 Fre



Holiday House (1988), Edition: 1st, 52 pages


Examines the importance of the buffalo in the lore and day-to-day life of the Indian tribes of the Great Plains and describes hunting methods and the uses found for each part of the animal that could not be eaten.


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52 p.; 10.3 inches


0823407020 / 9780823407026



User reviews

LibraryThing member LDB2009
My fourth-graders study Native Americans tribes from the Pacific NW area but those studies also drift over to the Mandans of North Dakota when we do our Lewis and Clark unit. This book has a lot of about the Mandans and the importance of the buffalo to them...and all tribes of the Great Plains. It chronicles the chants and dances to bring out the herds, the hunt and the different strategies tribes used, how all the parts of the buffalo were used, and what happened as the great herds of buffalo vanished with the arrival of white men. I used this book in my class as we studied the effects white men had on the different tribes they met as they moved west. The illustrations are reproductions of earlier paintings and drawings and many of the pictures inspired some nice work from my students as they drew tipis, bows and arrows, coyotes, and buffaloes to complement their assignments.… (more)
LibraryThing member lpeal
This book tells about how important the buffalo was to us in the day to day life of the Indians of the Great Plains. It also tells the differnt hunting methods. Buffalos were not only used for food but for hunting, making tools and housing. THis was a very infomrative bok over the history of the buffalo. THis would be a great addition to use during Indain heritage week.… (more)
LibraryThing member ryann0423
This book discusses all the uses that Native American tribes used the Buffalos for. They used them for food, hunting, tools, clothes, etc. It is very informative of the way life was back then, and it also points out what happened when the buffalo disappeared as the white men entered the land. It would be a great addition to a lesson on Native American culture and to teach students how people can greatly impact a way of life by coming in and doing what they may think it right. It teaches them to respect a different culture.… (more)
LibraryThing member ginarentz
Buffalo Hunt is a good book that references the ways in which Native Americans used the animal to its fullest. I like how it breaks down the ways of hunting, and all of the uses that each part of the animal helped sustain the Plains Indians before contact and during initial encroachment. It is important to understand what happened to these particular tribes when the Buffalo was hunted to almost exstinction and the impact that contact had on a culture that was living this way for hundreds of generations. I am very satisified with this depiction of the Buffalo hunt and the small but important historical pages in the end.… (more)

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