Tree Girl (DIGEST)

by T. A. Barron

Paperback, 2002



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Ace (2002), 144 pages


Nine-year-old Rowanna is drawn to the forest and a huge tree, despite the warnings of the old man with whom she has always lived at the edge of the sea--especially after she befriends a bear who is much more than he seems.

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144 p.; 5.36 inches

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LibraryThing member Heidi001
This book is magical and endearing and would be a good read for young middle school students. It tells a tale of nine-year-old Rowanna who lives in a little cottage by the sea with Melwyn, an old fisherman who had found her as an infant under High Willow, the great tree at the top of the forest.
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Melwyn is very protective of her and always warns her not to go into the forest because of the evil ghouls there. But she is drawn to the magic of the forest and one day makes her way to High Willow with her new friend a bear/boy who is a tree spirit. That day and on through the night, spirits come forth from the trees and dance all through the night. She discovers that not only are there no ghouls in the forest but she too, is a tree spirit and the daughter of High Willow. This book deals with themes of longing for self-knowledge, family, friendship and the magical symbiotic relationship that all of them have with nature. It is written by the National Bestselling Author of The Mirror of Merlin.
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LibraryThing member AsTr1102
This book had a bit of a slow start but quickly picked up speed. Very good descriptions and full of heartwarming adventures about a girl seeking the truth. Great ending and full of magic and fun.
LibraryThing member gmkieran
A good book, though the resolution comes a little quickly.
LibraryThing member fingerpost
Anna lives with "the Master" who found her as an infant. They live alone on a coast surrounded by forest. The Master fishes for their food, but fears the forest. Anna longs for the forest, feeling particularly drawn to the High Willow that she can see on the highest ridge, but the Master forbids
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her to ever set foot in the forest for fear of ghouls.

Anna eventually does go into the forest, where she befriends a bear cub. Sash, the cub, turns out to be a tree spirt, and eventually takes Anna to the High Willow she has always longed for.

Though nicely told, it is a long short-story really. There are only three characters in the entire book, and the story is unidirectional. It is a simple fairy tale. Nicely written, but with no real depth to the characters.
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½ (30 ratings; 3.8)
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