Mitch and Amy

by Beverly Cleary

Paperback, 2000



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PB Cle




HarperCollins (2008), Edition: Reissue, 288 pages


The adventures of a nine-year-old twin brother and sister who, despite constant bickering, support each other loyally at home and at school.


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288 p.; 5 x 0.75 inches

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LibraryThing member fuzzi
Another winner from the author who has given us "Ramona the Pest" and other charming books about children. This story is about twins, who fight and fuss at each other a lot, their amiable parents, and the trials of being 9 years old. Amy hates multiplication tables, Mitch has trouble reading, but
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they are both typical 4th graders with worries about quizzes and bullies. Entertaining, engaging, and just plain fun to read.
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LibraryThing member ferrisscottr
Read this to my daughter - i remember it fondly from my childhood and I was hoping she would find something in the book to help her cope with some brother issues she has from time to time. Great book from a great author.
LibraryThing member Kgranit
I liked this book for a few reasons. For one, I liked the characters in the story because they were believable. The two main characters in the story are nine-year old twins who are constantly teasing each other. Since they are twins, the story explains that being a twin is, “special but sometimes
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difficult.” Throughout the story, the twins were referred to as the “Huff twins” instead of Mitch and Amy. I think when students read this book, they may be able to relate to the characters and their relationship with their siblings. Also, I liked the plot of the book because it is relatable to students who have siblings. Throughout the book, the siblings bicker and annoy one another. Also, in the story, there is a bully that picks on Mitch. Even though Mitch and Amy bother each other, when the bully bothers Mitch, Amy will not stand for it. I think students can relate to these conflicts because they are typical issues that arise in school. The big message of Mitch and Amy is that when someone is bullied, they should never be a bully back. In the story, Allen bullied Mitch but in the end, Mitch decided it would not be nice to bully Allen back. I think this is an important message for students in elementary school to learn and this story can help to set a good example.
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