Field Guide to the Birds of North America, Second Edition

by National Geographic Society

Paperback, 1999



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National Geographic (1999), Edition: 2nd, 464 pages


This field guide for serious birders combines accurate illustrations with useful maps and text in a portable format. Textual information includes notes on identification, behavior, habitat, and song; the illustrations depict individual species in varying plumages.


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Original publication date

2002 (4th edition)
1999 (3rd edition)
1987 (2nd edition)
1983 (1st edition)

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464 p.; 11.76 inches


0870446924 / 9780870446924



User reviews

LibraryThing member Sandydog1
Wide variability in the quality of artists' plates. Sibley Guides are far superior
LibraryThing member banshea
Wonderful! I spent hours trying to look up a bird I spotted on a hike and finally found it in this book and this book only. (Turns out it was a subspecies of chickadee unique to the central Californian coast -- and only this field guide provided an illustration!) I bought the book for that reason alone and I haven't been sorry. It's easy to use and thorough!… (more)
LibraryThing member lorax
This is the most complete North American field guide there is. It illustrates every bird ever observed in North America, even extinct species and those observed only once (in which case the bird is shown in the observed plumage). North American birders may not want to have *only* this guide, but they will definitely want to have this guide.… (more)
LibraryThing member bbrann907
Excellent illustrations of each bird, including male and female as well as juvenile. There are illustrations of the birds in flight as well as on the ground. Maps on each page, show their range, so that you know immediately by your location if you might be looking at the correct bird.
LibraryThing member ghr4
This is an excellent reference book, invaluable for both the novice and expert birder. The brief but informative introduction is well written and well illustrated. The thumb tabs for the major bird families help speed access to the desired species. The individual descriptions of species include an overview, range maps and data, voice characteristics, and clear, colorful illustrations. My only gripe is that the book is a bit too big and cumbersome, for me at least, to comfortably use out in the field.… (more)
LibraryThing member suzemo
My favorite birding guide book. It has great pictures and descriptions. The blurbs with the range maps is fantastic and it has a lot of incidental species to South Texas (at least) that a lot of guide books lack since they are not "common enough", I guess.

There's a handy checklist in the back if you want to check off species as you see them, but since I'm a much more casual birder, I just write in the white space next to the bird where and when I saw it for the first time.… (more)
LibraryThing member breakerfallen
Great, if dated, field guide. This, the second edition, was published in 1987. Subsequent printings may have lead this book to be listed as having a publication date of 1999, but that doesn't mean the information in this book was current even in 1999. Several birds have been re-named and re-categorized (e.g. Green-backed heron listed is actually now recognized as two species: the Green Heron in North America and the Striated Heron in central and south America.) Range maps are dated.… (more)




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