Mammal (Eyewitness Books)

by Steve Parker

Hardcover, 1989


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Alfred A. Knopf (1989), Edition: 1st American ed, 63 pages


Photographs and text examine the world of mammals, depicting their development, feeding habits, courtship rituals, protective behavior, and physical adaptation to their various ways of life.



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63 p.; 8.75 x 0.5 inches

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LibraryThing member alebarbu
This book gives an excellent overview of the mammal world. The different orders of mammals are shown as well as when they appeared , and how they evolved. The book presents and provides explanations about different aspects of mammals such as fur, defense mechanisms (spines, camouflage, horns,
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scales, etc.), use of tails, and differences in locomotion. Differences in gestation, birth, and feeding of young are treated for a variety of mammals like marsupials, mice, cats and egg-laying mammals, and expanded to general mammalian characteristics in that domain. The characteristics and uses of mammal play when growing up are explained. Other important daily activities such as keeping clean, and different ways of behaving with food and feeding are also presented. The variety in the “architecture” of the homes of mammals is shown from squirrel nests to mole burrows. Finally, children are shown how to recognize certain types of mammals based on their tracks, droppings, and other clues they may leave behind. Noteworthy facts, questions and answers, a glossary and index are provided at the end.

The book is full of beautiful color photographs and illustrations of a wide variety of mammals and the characteristics being discussed. The text is easy to understand, and the presentation is clear and well-organized. Many side-notes and observations encourage young readers to make connections with humans and animals they may be familiar with. Recommended for a first approach to the mammal world. Grades 3 and up.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
Full-color photos. Mammal looks at evolution; contrasts fur-coated and spiny-covered mammals; and studies birth and development, habitations, and grooming practices of members of this animal classification.

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